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I am lyke so, totally, updating!

Yesss... I'm not dead.

Mt.St.Helens = My best friend.

Ummmm. And. The play! Is going to be EXCELLENT!! The set is half set up now, and it's lykwoah. Awesome, man.

All of our choreography looks pretty darn awesome... 'cept maybe that for "Anything Goes" because it's so darn tapful.

And ohmigosh, I just learned the whole story of it. Seriously. I'd never read the play, seen the play, or watched the movie.

The plot ain't half bad.

Also, for some reason, two days ago, Ryan brought up Colin in casual conversation more than once. Coincidence? Perhaps. Iono.

I'm feeling energized in half of my body and nostalgic in the other. My left hand is rarin' to go, andmy right hand just wants to rest. My right foot wants to dance, my left foot...

You get the deal.

I should probably update more.

Don't want you guys to worry.
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