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This is a collaborated fic, written by me, Jasette, and my friend, Red-Rose Wolf (we've been going at it since Wednesday). It's based on the GAIA plotline and was written for the Gambino Support Thread.
It's really quite long, and is PG-13 for some profanity and drug related material. See if you can figure out who wrote what!

White Powder

Gambino sat on the port of the city that was named after him, frowning. His memory-disabled son, Gino, sat beside him, an odd, unaware smile on his face. Smoke billowed up into the increasingly darkening sky. Gambino let out a sigh and grabbed his son's hand, and led him into one of the cargo ships. "Need a place to sleep." he mumbled, not noticing the words 'Property of the Von Helsons' painted golden and curliqued on the side of the ship. As the Gambinos snoozed off, the boat set sail, cutting into the glassy, calm water of the Gambinian Sea.


The cry of a wary seagull awoke Johnny with a start. He snapped his eyes open, taking in his surroundings. He was wrapped in nets as a blanket and using a bag of flour for a pillow, and as he glanced to the left of him, he saw his son the same way. How heartwrenchingly innocent the boy looked when he was asleep... it nearly brought tears to the man's eyes. That thought was shortly interrupted, however, by the sound of silky voices coming from outside of the storage room the Gambinos were stowing away in. Slowly exiting the dreamlike state we all undoubtedly have moments after we wake up, Johnny realized something rather unnerving.

The boat was rocking back and forth. He was prone to seasickness.

Also... it seemed to be moving. Forward. Away from his island. Away from... well... anything at all.

And to top it all off...

He swore under his breath. The voices he heard outside sounded particularly familiar...


Gino moved his head subconsciously, still asleep. This action brought a slight jet of powdery white flour from a hole in the bag. Johnny listened intently to the voices he seemed to know.
"Don't worry, Anna." one of the voices cooed.
"But all of it... so much of it!” said the voice Johnny guessed was Anna.
"Just shut up!” There was a sound of a body crashing to the ground, and then a scream.
"Marie!" Anna howled. It sounded like she was crying. With the names, Johnny could take a guess at identifying the women.
Anna Corrine and Marie Von Helson.


“That really hurt! Honestly, what kind of a Von Helson throws a shoe when her sister is down, Marie?”

Gambino blinked. Marie threw her shoe at Anna? Goodness gracious... she must be on drugs.

“Anna, you’ve got to get a hold of yourself. Even if I have brought certain... indulgences along on this trip to sell along with our usual things, you have no cause to worry. It’s just another way to beat that bum Gambino as the most powerful women in GAIA!”

Uh oh. Now fully awake, Johnny realized the peril he was in. Being stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean with the venomous Von Helsons is not exactly on the top of your list of things to do when you’re a Gambino.

Gino stirred. Creaking his eyes open, he stared blankly at his father. “Where am I?”, he inquired.

Contrary to popular belief at this point, such a question isn’t an unusual thing for Gino Gambino to say, nowadays.


Little did Johnny know that his estimate would soon be revealed as the truth. How he longed for one of his cigars, one of the things that gave him some comfort in his days of power...
Looking to Gino, all of his worries left his brain, replaced by a sentimental, paternal feeling he had been getting once he had found his son."Nothing to worry about, we're fine...." he said, placing a callused hand upon Gino's head and ruffling his hair. The young boy looked up with such innocent eyes.....
But right then was the moment he just HAD to remember what he had just heard. Knowing that Marie's shoes were pointy high heels, Gambino couldn't help but feeling a tad bit sorry for Anna, followed by a refill surge of always continuing hatred for Marie.
He had called him a bum. A bum....he gave a low growl.
"Time to get that flour..." Marie sighed, heading towards the room where the Gambinos were hidden.


Holy kittens, Johnny thought to himself, shaking off his anger and replacing it with worry. That means they’re coming in here!

He snatched up Gino as quietly as possible, covering his mouth with care, but drive, whispering in his ear not to make a sound. Slinking behind a crate and pulling his ragged cape around the two of them, he hoped to holy hell they would not be caught so soon.

The door swung open, the sound of clicking heels following after it.

“They’re over there, Thomas.”

A young man looking about the age of eighteen wearing a set of raggedy peasant’s clothes began picking up each of the bags of flour, one by one.

Suddenly, Gambino noticed... there was a flour bag sitting right next to him. This ‘Thomas’ would surely be coming after it, soon...


"That's enough, Thomas." Marie muttered somewhat cruelly. Johnny thanked whatever there was in the sky that Thomas was leaving. "Oh, more..." Marie called. Thomas was subject to protest (he already had two of the heavy bags slung on each of his shoulders, and was dragging one is his left hand), but he dare not. He saw what happened to Anna....
Shuffling over by the crate where Johnny and little Gino were hidden, he grabbed the bag by the edge, only seeming to notice the Gambinos as cargo.


Johnny stopped himself from releasing a sigh of relief, and waited until his unexpected companions on the boat exited the storage room. Gino blinked twice, then nibbled on his father’s hand lightly. Surprised, Johnny released his hand from his son’s mouth. Realizing the intent of the bite, he widened his eyes, then smiled warmly.

“Sorry about that, m’boy,” he said as he gave Gino’s frail body a small squeeze. “Didn’t want you to be kidnapped again, you know.”

Gino nodded, then hugged his father back, nuzzling his head into Johnny’s arm as if to say, “It’s okay. I understand. You kept me safe.”

Johnny nodded, then lifted his son to a stand next to him as he stood up himself. Quirking a brow he inquired, not expecting an answer, “So. What now?”


To Johnny's extreme surprise, Gino said meekly back, "How should I know, Father?" then returned to his clueless state. Johnny just sat there, his mouth slightly agape from seeing and hearing his son have a slight return of memory. He shook his head, wishing it was permanent, then sat back down next to the amnesiac teen, who was still standing. He had to smile. Just had to. Even though it stopped, it happened. His son remembered him as a father...even for the slightest moment..
Hoshit, he then realized, we're still on the boat!


And so he brainstormed to himself out loud. “Er... well. We could... attempt to swim back to shore... but that would undoubtedly be really, really hard, and I’m quite out of shape...” He stared out into space. “Or, we could just stay in here and hide until the boat reaches... wherever it’s going...” Blink. “Or, we could... hm. Hey. Gino... what do you think of the idea of taking over this ship? Do you think we could do it, as a team effort?” He only asked more as a question to himself than to Gino, but when he heard silence and saw no movement next to him, he was caused to look around. “Gino?”

His son was already one step ahead of him, or so it seemed. Perhaps he just wanted to get out of the storage room... it smelled like rotten fish and something Johnny couldn’t detect. For whatever reason, Gino was now poking his head out of the room.


"Gino! What are you doing!?!" Johnny said in a worried whisper/hiss to his son.
"Gino? Oh, um, er, me?" his son said, confused. “Ennnn.....bathroom."
Johnny slapped his own face. They were on a boat with the Von Helsons, about to get caught undoubtedly, and Gino needed to use the restroom.
The little boy continued, moving his full body out of the room. Johnny could hear the faint clip, clap of his son's slightly steel-bottomed shoes against the shiny wood. "Well, better to get caught together.." he said aloud in a bit of surrender, got up, and started after his son.


As the two of them lurked around each corner, Johnny K found himself surprised to find that Gino, somehow, had learned to sneak with such care that several times Johnny himself forgot his son was with him. Thus, when he passed what read on the wooden label as the 'crew' quite like those on doors that normally say 'boys', 'girls', 'lads', 'lassies' and even your occasional 'buoy' or 'gull', he thought nothing of it. Not until he heard the stifled whimpering moan of the corn-haired boy he left behind, who obviously had no great urge to speak again.

"Dad, you d-don't have to go away... you can j-just wait outside if you want to... I'll only b-be a moment...” Gino shuffled on his feet. He really had to pee, and he knew how to show it.

"Oh!" Johnny turned around and smiled abashedly. "Sorry, son, go ahead. I’ll draw my cloak around me and try not to look suspicious. Though it may be hard, being a Gambino and all... Gambinos are naturally suspicious, it's in our blood." He winked. Gino nodded politely and soon after sprinted away, shutting the door behind him as quietly as possible.

What he saw inside puzzled him. Not like most things puzzled him, these days, though, mind you. What he saw now puzzled him in a different way, because he knew there weren't supposed to be crates busting full of powdery white stuff in a bathroom... or so his mind told him. As he looked around for a urinal or toilet to ease himself with, he began to feel his mind fuzz a bit. Too tired of holding it in now, he decided to relieve himself on one of the crates -- serves those twins right for taking him away from his daddy.

As the dusty fumes rose from the crate he peed on, he found himself staggering back out the door, still unzipped, with all of the colors of the rainbow swirling around his right hand's thumb.


The colors lingered as little Gino stumbled into his father. This was quite disturbing, as he still was exposed. Blinking up, the boy saw his father as a urinal. Not totally finished doing his business, he began to finish his father. Johnny let out a quiet, girlish scream, backing up. "Jesus Christ boy, what's gotten into you?" He said. But then he glanced towards the now open bathroom. Johnny, sensing something was wrong, plugged his nose and ventured into the crate-filled room. He peered into one of the wooden boxes.


"I just knew they were up to something like this... probably did spike the punch at the ball... ech... what a pair of britches..."

Realizing Gino probably still hadn't XYZ'd, Johnny sighed a deep sigh and ambled back to his son, muttering profanities under his breath. Carefully zipping him back up from a distance, he wondered how in the heck he would be able to keep Gino quiet now. He remembered one dinner party, last year, when there was alcohol involved, Gino had gotten drunk, thrown a finger sandwich at Edmund, calling him a crackwhore, and asked him how much money it took to do his father. Obviously, he was severely punished. You
just don’t say or do things like that to one of Daddy's colleagues, let alone speak of Daddy as someone who would pay for a prostitute. But now, Johnny worried that things would be much worse if his son were to stay conscious...


"Eeeeehn, Willie wants some air!" Gino groaned, unzipping his pants again, still seeing funny colors. Johnny almost laughed, but remembered the situation they were in. He watched in shock as Gino lumbered towards an on-board bedroom, the master one. Busting open the door, Gino was staring down a shocked Anna Corrine Von Helson. "C'mere....!" Gino exclaimed to the woman. Anna backed up, quite confused and revolted.


Johnny sprinted over to Gino, picked him up, tossed him over his shoulder, and turned to Anna Corinne.

".. Well... ... ... ..." He cleared his throat. "The Gambinos have arrived, and we're hosting a hostile takeover! Bwahaha!!!!!" Gaining confidence, he pumped a fist in the air. "Who's the most powerful now, hm?"

Seeing the look on Anna's face, one of scorn, surprise, disgust, and a tidbit of worry switch to one of complete and utter fury, he paused for a moment... then hurried away just as quickly as he came.


Anna Corrine, out of impulse, sprinted after the Gambinos. Johnny took blind turns, searching for the control room. He breathed in short gasps, and looked over his shoulder. He saw that Anna had tripped. First he thought he should be a gentleman, but that thought fled his mind as he opened the door to the control room.


There, he saw Marie Von Helson making out with that Thomas character Johnny came very close to meeting, earlier. He wondered if she really was high, as he had first thought, more jokingly than now. She was really all over the guy, doing some pretty nasty things.
Johnny checked to make sure he had knocked Gino out when he had hurled him on his shoulder... yes, he had. Good. ... I guess.

He stood there for a moment, wondering what to do, attempting to catch his breath and keep himself from staring at the erotic showdown going on. At that moment, Anna Corrine snuck up behind him.

"You broke my heel... these are new shoes!" she growled.
"I've got you now... and you're not going to escape this time!"


Ohgoodlord, Johnny thought. He did the first thing that came to mind - threw an uppercut,
missing Anna Corrine's jaw and breaking her nose.
"Dambit!' she said, blubbering on the ground. Johnny kicked her and she scowled up at him. Kicking her again, she hit her head against a steel lever base and knocked herself out.
Pulling on one of the levers, the smooth-sailing ship turned around and traveled back towards the Isle. Enter the truly high Marie.
"What in ruddy heck-hell are you doing!?" she screeched, her shirt half-unbuttoned.
Thomas stared up, his shirt ripped off, and his face covered in lipstick kiss-prints. He was very confused.


Both Johnny and Anna stared at Marie, pointed at each other simultaneously and screeched, “It was her!”

Johnny paused. He turned to look at Anna Corinne. “Are you high, too? I’m a MAN, you idiot!”

Marie snorted drunkenly, nearly tipping over. “Coulda fooled me... eh Thomas? Eh? Eh?”

Anna glared at them both. “It was just a slip of the tongue!”

“Next thing you know she’s gonna be callin’ her watch a rock, eh? Eh?” She clambered over to Johnny. “Hey, don’t I know you?”

Gambino smirked. “... You’re going to wish you didn’t very, very soon.”


Johnny laughed to himself as he grabbed hold of Marie's hair and slammed her face directly into the metal control panel. Knocked out, Johnny thought to himself. Now for Anna.

He did the same thing, with more effort. But instead of laying the body back down, he dragged it out on deck and threw Anna out to sea.

"Serves you right, you little slut." Johnny smirked.


As he admired his work, Gino began to wake up from his unconscious state. Highly embarrassed by his situation, he scrambled off of his father’s shoulder and scurried to a shadowed corner, in which he proceeded to bring himself back to a state of decency.

Thomas stared at Johnny with wide, wide eyes, like a deer in headlights. "P-please, don't hurt me... th-the twins... they said they'd buy me new clothes... they said th-they'd buy me anything I wanted, if I helped them... I-I... I didn't..." He trailed off, letting out a high pitched squeal and covering his head with his hands, scooching himself back as far as he could go.

Gambino walked straight over to Thomas, raised his hand, and...
Patted him on the head.

"It's all right, boy, I understand. Money corrupts. I was just like you, once. But I realized, recently, that there are more important things than fame and money..." He held out a hand to help him up. "Besides, I'm all for my fellow man." With that, he shone one of his famous million dollar grins, winked, and pulled Thomas upright.


Thomas smiled a dazed, far-off smile, like he didn't know what was going on. He blinked, unbelievingly, and just hugged Johnny.
"Eeheheh....thanks?" Johnny said, almost as confused now as Thomas. They both turned their heads when the now-conscious Gino in the corner spoke.
"Dad....I remember.... I..... remember..." he said, almost crying. "I remember now.... everything.."


Johnny blinked once. He blinked twice. He blinked three times. Did he really hear what he thought he just heard?

“... Gino...?” He took a few steps towards him.

“I remember how you taught me how to do long division, and how long that took... I remember you and mom reading stories to me when I was a kid...” A tear fell down his cheek. “I remember how when sh-she died you started being cold and wouldn’t talk to me except to tell me when I did something wrong...” He was bawling now. “I remember how much I missed you, then...”

Johnny hurried over to his son and gave him a strong hug, close to tears himself.
“Shh, Gino... it’s all right... everything is going to be okay...”


Gino gave a sniffle, then buried his head in his father's shoulder. They both had to interrupt the sentimental moment when Marie firmly punched Johnny in the back of the head. Gino, face still tear-stained, backed up, not wanting to interfere. Johnny tackled Marie, and yanked on her hair again. Well, it may not have hurt MUCH, but it agitated her.


Marie Von Helson rammed her head back into Johnny’s, swung around and kicked him in the stomach. “Never mess up a Von Helson’s ‘do!!!”

Mr. Gambino staggered back, clutching his stomach and gasping for the air that had been knocked out of him.

Gino couldn’t bear to watch this... but what could he do? He was a mere teenager. How could he... wait a minute. Something caught his eye...


Another fishnet......he grabbed it, and tackled the Helson the best he good, entwining her in net. Gino backed up, and to Marie’s horror, Gambino sat on her.


He grinned, still panting for breath. "Good job, son! C'm over here and give your old man five!" He raised his hand, and Gino trotted over, still a bit puffy-eyed, to give Johnny a small high-five. He sniffed, and climbed on top of his father's lap to give him a big hug.

Johnny hugged his son back, grin widening, then looked around for a moment. "Hmm... hey, Thomas! How close are we to shore?"


"Um, we're there..." Thomas said quite awkwardly. His statement was followed by a crash as the boat rammed the dock.
"Good, good, good!" Johnny exclaimed, removing himself from the well-tangled net jumble that was Marie. He picked up the thrashing lump and prepared to head outside.


He was surprised to hear the sound of a police siren. Looking questioningly at Thomas, he cocked his head to one side.

Thomas chuckled. "I took the liberty of calling the fuzz way back when I first found out about the hoard of drugs on the ship... they must have been tracking us all along!"

Gino moaned. "You mean they knew we were on the ship and they didn't come help us?"

The man shrugged. "It's the police. Go figure. They always have a reason."


Johnny continued to question himself as he led himself, Gino, and Thomas off of the ship. One of the officers accepted the Marie bundle like it was his early Christmas present, while others scrambled onto the boat to check it over.


And that... was what happened. Marie Von Helson was jailed for possession of vast quantities of powdered Marijuana, not to mention for being high on it herself at the time of her arrest. Anna Corrine Von Helson somehow managed to swim herself to shore after being tossed over into the sea, only to also be arrested for possession and using an illegal substance -- she was jailed for a much shorter time, however, as it was all really her sister's idea. Gino read all of the Lord Of The Rings books with his father that very same day.
Afterwards, they decided they were pretty cool people and rebuilt their mansion with their own four hands. It took about two months and okay, half the population of GAIA may have helped them out a bit, but hey, they did it eventually.

Also, the moment Thomas Geraldi got off of the S.S. Von Helson, he decided to elope with his girlfriend, Liam, and have lots of tan children with her.

Ergo... pretty much everyone lived happily ever after. Except the Von Helsons, because they're dumb. But, okay. Bye.
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