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A smidgeon late, but we've all gotta push the envelope sometimes!

Apparently I still have a crapload of homework to do. And will start doing. At around seven. ... Or eight. When my nerves aren't running so high.

Hokay, they're calming down now. Just a splurge of insanity.


Well, first of all, Molster, I'm sorry to say I can't confirm on the Hitchhikers on Sunday. Apparently, there's a large chance I'll be home quite late. So, perhaps on a block day, the Friday after, or the weekend after?

Bah. I wonder if there's a movie theatre in Ashland...

In other news, the movie Everything You Want made me cry, proving that yes, I am still a sappy romantic.

In other other news, All That's tenth reunion did not completely suck, and this is good.

Meh. I still have nothing to say. I'm sorry. ): You just can't rush these things.
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