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WARNING: This picspam will be unnecessarily vast.

I'd lunch with him any day.

Dahling, you look absolutely ravishing...

Staring contest!

Yes, Matt. You wear that lipstick good.

I'd be smiling if I had that next to me, too, Rory.

"Think of the babies they'll have!"

"Here, Ali, I wrapped my love in a box. Happy early birthday!"

"Really... they put spyware in that early in the developing process?"

His shirt is blue.

I think he has an upset stomach.

"Freakin' A! We're all gonna die and it's your fault!"
"All I wanted was an enchiluparido!"

Onoes! It's my dark and angsty past coming after my soooul!

Speaking of angst.

Aw, poor kid. He got dumped.

Wow, this vapor rub stuff really works!

Because everyone loves breathing.

"... Get your hand off my butt, kid."
"I will. ... Eventually."

Woah... hypnotism.

I want his coat. ... And his watch, while I'm at it.

"What do you mean you're in love with weed? Isn't that a bit... unhealthy?"

No words.

Aww, now he's smiling!

Omgomgomg. I forgot to brush my teeth before I went to Cube!

What a hippie. He's even got some coke.

Damn fishes are eating all my wormie friends! I'll get them!

Pretty much.

Because blue swirly things are always good.

Omg. Is that CHEESECAKE he's picking up? *Drool*

Be inventive. Create your own caption.

Like so...

And I'm spent.
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