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I went to the cinco de mayo fair thing yesterday, which meant I got off school the whole day. Even though it was seis de mayo yesterday.

If you want to know what the heck I was doing, check out

That site is more interesting than the average person would think.

Anywho. I thought it was going to rain yesterday, because, after all, this is Oregon. Plus the weatherpeople predicted showers. I did take a shower, but that came after my run in with blinding, scorching sun.

You know, sunburn is really quite becoming on me. I had forgot about that. But I still think I would have put on some sunscreen if I had known that, oh, I'd need screening from the sun.

I think my eyes got burned, too, because I didn't have sunglasses, and my dad said one of them looked swollen. Well, yeah, that, and they hurt a little. I don't really notice that kind of pain, though, so, whatever.

Oh, and they were giving out balloons at the fair, and when we got back to school, I sucked in all of the helium out of one of them because I've always loved that squeaky voice you get when you do that. And Shea did it first, and she's a really good, smart kid, so I figured it would be fine.

It was for the rest of the day, but now I can barely talk because my throat hurts so much. When I do talk, it's all scratchy and sore-throat-like and everything.

Um... oh, yeah. And my stomach hurts.

Okay! So now that we've got the complaining over and done with, I gotta say, seis de mayo was very fun. I finally got a mother's day present for my mom, and then some other stuff for me. So, um, yay. Mexican people are good at having fun, I think.

...unless they're, like, opressed or something. Whaaatever.

Riiight. I'm tired.

Okay, when am I NOT tired these days? Sheesh.

I'm gonna go read. And procrastinate. Don't want to go to school. Maxwell gets to stay home once he's taken his Advanced Placement (AP) Tests, which'll only last half the day, so I'm really, really jealous, of course.

10th graders have all the luck.

Oh, the test? Hah. Maxwell will ace it. He's a genius.

Hi, Maxwell.
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