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Back from the desert on a Horse with No Name

And people actually like Snape.

To kill Dumbledore. Honestly. DUMBLEDORE. THE POOR SOUL.

I love Dumbledore so much. Next to Sirius he's my favorite character and now they're both DEAD.

Malfoy gets points for not killing him, though. I always knew he didn't have it in him. And to go crying to Moaning Myrtle! Poor kid. I really wish he'd just go away.

Ron and Hermione hooking up surprised me, but made sense after a long thought process. I was always a Harry/Hermione fan, to tell you the truth. As for Harry, I lurved his whole 'monster purring inside of him thing' and all when it came to Ginny, I was just like, ohyesHarry, you purr.

Ginny's such a lucky widget, I wish I could have Harry for myself. I'm now finding myself relate to her a bit. Never really could, before.


Well, at least Siri and Dumblediddy will be able to cheer Potman on from the other side with Lily and James.

Can't wait to read the seventh book. After I post this and check over my friends list, I am completely going to go over to and see if I've missed anything.
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