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I am so not stalking her.

Theatre appearances:
Understudy for Essie – Dorothy Elias-Fahn.

Oooh! A lead role! With a PICTURE, no less!

Annette tries desperately to get Frankie's attention. The story of my life.

So basically, she's really cool.
Wonder what her personality's like. Hopefully she's not all stuck-up like you imagine people like her to be.

... HEY! Don't look at me that way. I just look up to her, is all. It's not like that.

Man. The voice of Meryl Stryfe.

So wild.

I may possibly get my braces off tomorrow.
I dread it. I know something is going to go wrong. An extension of some sort, my teeth will be very stained, they're going to do something painful to me...

Perhaps I can stay up late and try to fall asleep while they're doing it?
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