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Holy poo on a stick. I really need to check more often, or I will miss out on all of the juicy action. Thank goodness I have someone on my friendslist who is very cool. :3

MATT CZUCHRY = a series regular this next season! He's going to be in the opening credits and everything!

I grin with glee.


That guy.

It's almost unbearable.

Today is a good day, in my book.

Matt Czuchry, bread, water, DVDs coming in at the library, 10/12 on the hold list for the Trigun DVDs...

Oh, and I read this SPIFFTASTIC Trigun fic this morning called Sand and Light. If you haven't read it already... please do. I mean, honestly. I may have skipped to the good parts with Meryl in them and all, but it's still seriously good. It really fits in with the television series, too. Like... it could definitely happen. And it explains a lot of questions you have. N'stuffers.
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