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Yeah, so I just watched the last episode of FF:U, and let me tell you, it was CRAP.

I mean, sure they all triumphed in the end, but it was so SAD! And Kaze friggin' DIES?!?! What's that supposed to mean? Kaze is the MAN! The leftover earring and Liza crying during the end credits...

Made me want to hit someone. Hard.

KAZE WAS LIKE. MY MAN. And Liza was like me in a past life or something. Because honestly. Omgwtf.


I'm going to listen to the voice actor commentary of that DVD early tomorrow morning... it has Kaze's voice actor in it. I'm hoping he'll be all Voice!Kaze, and everything, like Voice!Cid was.

My broooody-brood... )':

Quoth Miss Chidori or however you whatever it from FMP, movies should have a HAPPY ENDING!!!

Even though both FF:U and FMP are TV shows, not movies. But STILL.

I hate things with sad endings. HATE, HATE, HATE.

But why did he have to DIE?! What with his pretty broody face paint and his sunglass monocle, he was basically my one true love. If I ever meet someone like Kaze I will jump his bones. Not only is he broody, handsome, and full of style, he's also a friggin' hero. And I enjoy friggin' heros a whole darn lot.

And 87% not kidding on that one.

Speaking of Full Metal Panic, I watched the end of that, as well. Not as bad, but still. I would have liked to see some kissy kissy between Sosuke and Kaname, y'know, some heartwarming stuff. Screw Testarossa, she annoys me to no end. Kaname, man, that's where it's at for Sosuke. You know it, I know it, the people in Uzbekistan know it.

Unless you're talking about, you know, IT, and then Sosuke, period, is where it's at. He's Gyud-Lookin', has great hair, is HILARIOUS without intending to be, and is a friggin' hero. The whole hilarious without intending to be thing has always been something I search for like crazy in guys, but it rarely, RARELY happens. As in if I've ever met someone who fits that description, I didn't notice it at the time.

That kid at Monty Python camp came pretty close... but he was probably trying. Plus, he was a drug addict.

Sosuke's probably my number two favorite character, behind Meryl, of course. Kaze comes in third, though don't tell him. It's just because he doesn't talk much. I'd like him more if I knew what he was feeling. I mean, we knew Liza liked him, but did he like her? Does the earring mean anything at all?

Bah. In any case, FMP's ending was definitely action packed. I had to keep screaming at my brothers to stop talking loudly to each other because I was trying to watch Sosuke save the day with help from Kaname. And then the fishing, and Sosuke telling Kaname he felt like he could do anything when he was with her... it gave me hope that one day some broody hero might perhaps say the same to me. Or something of the sort. I think that's why I watch this kind of thing, love stuff, you know. Makes me feel like it could happen to me. Kaname was like sixteen in this, I think. I'm fifteen. And plenty of love stuff happens to fifteen year old girls in all of the books, movies, and TV shows I read/watch. Makes me think it's bound to come along some day if I'm patient. And keep myself interesting. Which I am. Very interesting. Seriously. I think I may be too interesting, though. They might not be man enough to try to figure me out.

Oh how I wish someone'd attempt figuring me out. It'd help me loads. Oh, Sosuke!!

I must say, though, Trigun, FF:U and FMP are now my three favorite anime shows. Nothing else has ever really compared, except for RuroKen, of course, which is however extremely hard to relate to and is a bit dark for my tastes. However I will always compare bloody stuff to the young RuroKen movie, because when I watched that in the summer after seventh grade it made me feel sick. The whole 'You really made it rain blood' thing sounds great when you read it from a transcript, but makes you want to throw up when you actually see it. Thank goodness for the good ol' days when I'd stay up all until ten thirty or summat to watch the less bloody'd Ruroken and download Ruroken music illegally all over the place. Thank goodness for them.

Now if only someone'd put Sailor Spoon back on air, I'd be happy. That show gave me the love bug, I tell ya, what with it's Serena and Darien and talk of the moon. And preying on a poor third grader, no less! I've probably been infected with the love bug for life after catching it at such a young age. Sailor Spoon wasn't dirty, it wasn't profane, and it wasn't bloody. It was just COOL. And sparkly.

So, anywho, after I get a stylish haircut to fit the shape of my head or something tomorrow, I'll be heading off to Ashland with my mom to watch myself some educating Sheksyspeare. Remind me tomorrow morning to refresh my mind on the plots of Love's Labour Lost and Twelfth Night, will you? Also to remember what in the world the first lines Richard says in Richard III mean, because I can recall basically what the gist of it was, but I told Mom I'd help her out on the whole thing.

Even though she's from England, she says, so she already knows the plotline of that one, basically. Whatevah.

If I have time tomorrow, I may make myself some new icons to use. Probably from my three favorite anime. Meryl'd be happy or determined, Kaze'd be... Kazelicious, and Sosuke'd be all broody for my broody times. Because everyone's got a broodperson in 'em somewheres.

I really wish my 1-800-Where-R-U books'd come, I want to find out what happens to Jenny and her motorman.

Siiiigh. I started reading the first of my book report books. The Kitchen God's Wife. It just makes me think of Lane's mom (from Gilmore Girls). But that's cool, so I don't have much problem with it. I'm extremely wary when it comes to the classic I'm supposed to read, though. Jane Austen does NOT look that appealing. At all. Whatsoever.

Zilch appeal.

Just wanted to make sure you realized.

Was Catch 22 on the list of contemporaries, or classics?

It's got to be better than Jane Austen, no matter how odd it is.

So, anyways, you guys, don't do anything exciting without me, okay? Feel free to send me a message telling me how much you love and appreciate me to ColouredBlue@ (without the space, wouldn't want LE BOTS to spam meh or whateva), 'cause I have low self esteem and you know I'm really freaking awesome.

I'll be back on Thursday. However I expect that the days in which I am gone will seem not only to me, but to you folk as well, extremely, extremely long.

It is just a feeling I have. I could definitely be incorrect. It's happened before.

Oh, and if you happen to have any icon making talent and feel like taking requests, I could possibly be really lazy when I get back, so, you know, just. Do what I talked about, 'Kay?

...Myep, I think that entry's long enough. I may add some more in a new entry tomorrow morning if Im' still feeling expressive.
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