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Today, I folded, stamped, and enveloped letters for four hours at the Coilition for a Liveable Future.

I'm kinda tired. But it was good to do.

I have to have 20 community service hours a year to be considered a part of the Honors program. If you don't know what honors is, I am not going to explain it to you. Basically it makes me look good to colleges and stuff. And I get cool things when I graduate. So yeah.

I've got thirteen hours done so far.

BAHAAHA! Foreign Fads influence the supreme court.

YEAH BRING IT UP WITH JUSTICE KITTY. *Hello Kitty in justice robe*

Mwahaha. Oh Jon Stewart, you slay me.

I should tell Sir Possibly he slays me. BECAUSE HE DOES. PAHA.

I laughed so hard I cried today. With my mom. I was talking in this weird British voice, pretending I was her telephone lady, and I was being very silly about it.

It wasn't even very funny. But we laughed so darn hard.

Ah, commercial's done. Bye.
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