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Today has been extremely successful. I shopped and bought some things, I shaved my right leg, I watched Whose Line, I discovered that Kat is pretty much the most awesome person alive because she bought me a paid account on livejournal, I sat in awe at all of the cool things paid accounts have that regular accounts don't, and I talked to Sir Possibly again.

Why, then, do I feel like blank white fire?

That's the best I can do to describe it. Blank, with white fire behind the blankness.

Weeeird. And also very tired.

Perhaps I am just coming off of the natural high, and need sleep, or something.

Meh. If you're bored go look at all of my sweet userpics, they're freaking awesome. I don't even have a third of them filled up yet, either. And I was really picky with what I had, too.

It's a bombardment of Meryl icons, I know. I must make more Kaze ones, and perhaps if I feel successful enough, some Gilmore Girls ones with le Matt Czuchry in them because he makes me pant like a dog.

Glooorf! Brothers are home. Must go.
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