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Cousins have left. Or, at least, they're going to be gone by five thirty in the morning tomorrow. That's pretty much gone, to me.

Josh actually turned out to be the coolest cousin ever. Although I have not seen my British cousins in a while, so I could be wrong. But not only did he like Jimmy Eat World, he also liked anime, and the color blue. Plus, he laughed at my jokes and stuff. So, yes.

Bet you five bucks I'll remember him the next time he comes.

Also, bands of friends of his, as well as his... I don't remember what's which. But there's 'From Infinity' and 'Benington'. I must look these up. He says they have songs online. And that they are good. So... yes.

He also is good friends with the band Fallout Boy, which apparently is extremely popular and is on the track to being wildly famous. I've never heard them, but I've heard of them. So... yes. If I've heard of them and they're from Buffalo, they must be pretty cool.

I am quite tired.

Tomorrow I will go return things to the library, including that DVD they say I stole but really I just forgot to put back in it's case.

And I'll probably try to make an icon or two...

But I can't promise anything.

*Goes to steal back her blanket from her cat.*
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