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Wow, I've been posting a lot of junk in here recently. Are you guys annoyed by that? Would you rather I post long, long entries exploring the meaning of my existance, or perhaps exploring the meaning of why I ate a cheese sandwich this morning?'

Which do you enjoy more, my short blurbs or my long rants? Do you mind the relentless quizzing? Should I put more livejournal cuts on things? Should I talk more? Less?

*Obsess obsess.*

Icon making has become kinda boring, so I'm going to take a short break from it (don't worry, Lalieth, I'll try to get the trigun_awards entries done each week, anyway). I fear I am becoming generic. One of my greatest goals in life is to be very unique and cool. And then everyone will be like OMG ALI, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOU ARE LIKE UNIQUE AND STUFFS.

Don't you dare tell me they're like that already, 'cause they're not. I mean. Some of them are. But that's just 'cause I'm nice to them, and give them stuff.

So. Yeah.

What are your thoughts on that?

I went to the Nike store today. And bought some blue nonsuede shoes. And a blue shirt. And a blue jacket. And a blue hat. And a blue bracelet that says respect on it.

Omg. *Broods with her blue.*

I command you to comment. I'm going to sleep now. Comment. Even if you are just passing through. Be all 'omgAlimarrymeiwanttobeyourfirstreallove!111!1'

. . .


Do it. Do it now.
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