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So, basically, today was crap on a stick.

I got five hours of sleep last night, poison arrow darts in my eyes, long distance vision screwed, look ugly as hell, I had an apple and a popsicle for breakfast, I'm not allowed to eat the honey bunches of oats, I helped to put barkdust on the thing for an hour to get twenty bucks, but I nearly sprained my ankle, I ran straight through a cutting rose thorn plant thing, I dropped my shoe, I hopped the fence and crashed on the other side, I got five billion splinters, there is a rash on my wrist from God knows what, I am extremely out of shape and am going to fail at speed swimming, I am gross, Office Space is a horrible movie, I haven't even started reading Catch 22 yet, I am only a seventh of the way through my Spanish packet, I haven't had a diet cherry coke in ages, I do not know anyone in my classes except for Thea who is my brother's friend and probably just pretends to like me because she is my brother's friend, I think I may be horrible at acting, no one is going to fall in love with me in a million years, I am going to screw up in US History, my writing skills are losing it, the GST is dying, some guy came into my quest thread and wished me luck on my sash quest the proceeded to tell me that he was questing for a sash, too, and that he calculated things and that he should be getting his sash in approximately twelve days, I was not chosen to help test Gaia Towns, Sir Possibly and I did not get a chance to talk very much, and... Yes.

Nevarinn drew me a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL free chibi, though.

And Na made me this wonderful banner for my sash quest.

That was pretty much the only good part of today.



Misao N. sent me a trade. With a sash in it. And a PM. Saying this:

"From: Misao N.
To: Jasette
Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2005 9:07 pm
Subject: Er...

Um...Hello, I hope I don't scare you with this PM, with all the hype about the invitations. :sweat:

I was just lurking like ever on GCD, and saw some of your posts, and your quest, and how much you love Gaia... and even if I'm here since June 2003, I can't say I'm so devoted to this site as your are.

So, I better stop babbling... and hope you accept what I'll offer you. :3nod: *prays the bank is working* "

It was. And I have a sash now. x_X And now I am totally happy and this day is not crap at all whatsoever. It is a wonderful, fabulous, wonderfab day.

I think It was Na's banner that did it. Honestly. I mean, look at that! Who could resist it's utter charm? Not me, that's for sure.
FWAH. Time to watch whose line.

Meaning I started this entry about an hour before I'm posting it now.

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