alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Okay, so today before I go to the picnic with the acting people I will not only be finishing up my jello cake but I will also be making graphics. (I'll x-post this to euphoricon, too.)

And I'm not exactly sure what icons to make. I know I've got to do a movie quote one for trigun_awards, and a couple name banners for some people in Hufflepuff, but other than that, I'm shot. Any suggestions?

I kind of want to fiddle around in the manga spectrum a bit as I'm normally more of a anime iconist, and I think I may have myself a blind attempt at Gilmore Girls or something live people related. Live people are quite a bit harder to do as they have more dimensions to them.

So comment here, be original, and yeah.

Also, you folk here should probably know that I didn't get into The Crucible because I didn't really fit with all of the opposite roles and stuff, but that someone might drop their understudy rule in indignation and I'd get to catch it up. Also Thea thinks I'm cool. Yay! Oh! And Teigh Bowen got Parris instead of Proctor. Huh. Interesting.

Lots of people are mad because a whole bunch of sweet seniors and juniors got understudy roles or no part at all. Controversy? I think so!
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