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Drama Parties

I love drama parties. Like crazy I do. I feel like part of something when I'm at one. Especially when there are people younger than me there. I get to say that I know things they don't, I know people they don't, I'm a part of something they haven't become a part of yet. And I get to be nice to them and explain things to them and talk to them. And it really makes me feel like a part of things.

Mom says Junior and Senior years she'll let me host some after-performance drama parties and stuff at our house. That would be incredibly great. Our house is so large. And by that time both Luke and Maxwell won't be home anymore so I'd only be bugging Mom and Dad, and then even then I could have everyone stay quiet and be downstairs and stuff. And downstairs is still pretty big, and has stuff in it. Like the pool room. That would be so cool, man. The pool room. People could play pool! And there's a piano! Untuned and without two pedals, but still! That room is large. Certainly large enough to hold most of the entire cast of a play. And then you've got the family room with the TV, and there's a bathroom right there and everything. And people who wanted to be claustrophobic could chill in the closets and the study and stuff. Man, greatness. Opportunity awaits.

I can't believe next year I am going to be a Junior! I'll be all. Older than people. And not just that person who used to be a freshman who is still growing out of her freshman stage.

But Teigh and Adam and Corey and all of those wonderful wonderful seniors will be gone. What will I do!? I suppose Kat will still be here. That's definitely good. But still. I mean, there's Kat, but who else that I actually like more than I can tolerate them? Is Allison a junior or a senior? Man, I seriously hope she's a junior, because she is so incredibly great it's not even close to funny. But she seems all... seniorlicious. Elise is a junior, I'm pretty sure, so that's great. Ummm. Wow. I am going to be so lost without all of those people. Eric. Is Eric a Junior? Man. This is horrible. I should seriously know these things. Maybe Maxwell will know. Hey Maxwell, comment if any cool people we like are juniors this year I haven't already mentioned. I'd ask Luke too but I doubt he'd know 'cause he probably didn't pay attention to the people who were freshmen in his senior year.

I'm still growing into this whole thing, trying to edge my way in. But I'll be a part of it soon. If all goes well. Which it better darn will.
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