alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Oh man!

For some reason I keep saying 'aw, man' or 'oh man' in every situation imaginable. It kind of scares me. But anyways.

Lots of rain last night at the Jeff game. Got a nice shower. We lost, but it was really fun. The rain wasn't very cold, just wet, and I like the wet, so it was extremely enjoyable. I took off my coat to enjoy it fully. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Listened to U2 on the way back, felt really great, like stuff is going to be cool again. I think it's good that Jeff won because they were really really happy when they were leaving, I think they needed that. I am very tired.

Last night I dreamt I went to Disneyland with my family. In the morning they were off shopping in Thailand or something so I went and rode the Disney tram everywhere, even though I forgot my ticket into Disneyland, they let me in. I felt really risque riding around in that tram when I didn't have a ticket, so after a while I hurried back to the hotel where I ate canteloupe and chocolate chip cookies and stuff. And then the fam came home and was all WHERE ARE LE TICKETS and I was all, um, under the passenger chair in the front of the car. So we found them, got into Disneyland, and split up to do whatever we wanted. I chilled over at this ride that was like a cross between Indiana Jones and the Pirates of the Carribean -- except five billion times cooler. And THEN! I bought this incredibly awesome coat with this necklace that was like a glove with a hole in it for the neck. I drew the outfit after I woke up, but my drawing doesn't do it justice, so I won't post it here unless someone is like OH MY GOSH ALI SHOW ME YOUR DREAM OUTFIT LIKE WOAH.

Which I doubt they will be because everyone's all enjoying their weekends and stuff. Which is good.

Also, I must say, drama people are still the coolest people ever. Indubitably Watson, pip pip. I wish more drama people would come to the football games, though. It'd be a party in my pants. Or just in the bleachers, but whatev.

And now it is time for me to make some stuff.
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