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At the moment I am feeling kind of like crap, except I smell really nice because I just took a shower and cleaned out some shampoo bottles. Other than that, pretty much crap.

Sore throat, sore everything, not doing that great emotionally either. Don't worry I'm not going emo on you, I just need to have myself a a good week. And some sleep. Some sleep would be nice, too.

Little tip, never watch City of Angels when you have a sore throat because when you cry it'll make your throat feel even worse 'cause you get all choked up. Man, and I thought that movie was going to be a happy ending one, too. Seriously, before all movies without an ending that makes you want to jump up and dance on a rooftop there should be a disclaimer saying warning, veiwer discretion advised, do not watch if you do not want to be saddened.

If you see me tomorrow at school, give me a hug pourfayevore.
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