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Posting this to make sure I have it for both huge Wilson groups I'm in on Myspace tomorrow. It's being really stupid right now. |: Loser myspace. *snugs livejournal.*


It is super super super awesome. You will get the chills. You will. And it will be extremely pleasant. You'll walk out of that Wilson High School theatre thinking, man, how fantastic was that?

It's up close. It's personal. It hits you to the core. It's only $5 if you bring your Student ID, $8 if you're an adult or, well, don't bring your student ID.

You've already missed your first chance to see it! Opening night was tonight! But dispair not! For The Crucible runs from now until Saturday night! You can buy tickets starting at 6:30pm before each show! The doors open at 7pm, and it all comes to a show at 7:30.

Can't make it in the evening time? Got way too many hot dates? Well, once again, dispair not! There is a MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2:30! Isn't that just mindnumbingly cool? Yeah, I'd come to the matinee if I were you. Though tickets for that might sell out. Just a warning. 8)

There are posters all around the halls of Wilson with the informacion you desire if I make no sense to you, which happens about 75% of the time. Adios, muchachos!
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