alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

No, really, this weekend I will definitely update.

This is pretty cool though.

I got a new printer/scanner on this computer, so I scanned in a bunch of old and new things from last year and this year. You know you want to see.

Drawn last year... it's the opposite of how I feel about thunderstorms, though. I absolutely adore them. I think I was drawing someone else's fear... and... laughing at them. XD

Drawn by Josie this past Monday. She said she liked my outfit, so she drew it. Man I love her. XD

Me just messing around with that image on openCanvas... yep.

Drawn by Caroline Sheedy last year. I'm not quite sure if that's how you spell it. But yeah. :D SO COOL, huh?

And now... some icons that I made from that last one. :3

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