alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

My summer California trip pictures... or at least some of them. XD

Back when the real life OMG hat was still 'coming soon'. :o :heart:

Look, it's Kaia9 with his FABULOUS blue hair! Annddd... some other people! XD

LANZER!! And you can kinda see, he's wearing his G Pin. :whee:

Kaia9 again. He was definitely the most hip of the Gaia staff that day... XD

Yeah, that's it of the Gaia stuff. But here's some more of the Expo:

Darth was taking pictures with people, pretending to choke them to death with the force... XD

Pretty Neko Girl! I promised a friend (Matt) I'd take a picture of the prettiest neko girl I could find, and this was her. I had one of her posing and facing towards me, but my camera was on the fritz and it didn't save. It's too bad I never talk to Matt anymore...

That nice girl with the glowing bunny ears... XD

These cosplayers were just crazy good. Everyone was taking pictures of them!

And now... pictures from the back of the car!

That's Mt. Shasta, I think.

And this, my dears, is the back of Caroline Sheedy's head, last day of school, summer 2005.

Hope you enjoyed the show!
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