alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

So, Luke, I watched the first two disks of season four last night. That one episode that was messing up, the second episode of the season, I just skipped it and watched the 'previously on 24' thing.

I already like this season like fifteen times more than season three. When Tony came to save the day I was all cheering for him out loud and like YAAAY TONY IS COOL! It doesn't even matter if he's a stupid alcoholic or anything, he's Tony, man!

I can't wait to watch more!

Sorry to all yous guys who, you know, I'd normally talk to online or whatevers during the weekend or after school, but 24 has taken over my life until I finish watching all I need to watch (aka, the rest of Season 4). And then I might like to watch some of season 5 of Gilmore Girls... but 24 takes first priority.

I had a dream about 24 last night... it was pretty funny. First I was an actress on the show or something, but I was like, high or I don't know what. We were coming up to our driveway when I saw that Kiefer Sutherland and some little kid were looking over the basketball fence thing on our deck. I was like, woah, that's Kiefer Sutherland. So I got even more jittery, tried to calm myself down, started talking about acting techniques and raising my arms too high up so my stomach showed, then I came inside, went to the bathroom, left the bathroom, and suddenly I was a character in 24 again, and instead of all the nuclear plants melting down (blah blah blah), all of the volcanoes were going to melt down. But it was the same kind of process, so there were only six volcanoes that were going to erupt and Jack Bauer had to convince me to help him go straight to the source, Mt. St. Helens, which was one of the six that were going to erupt, and figure out what was going on. Which was hard for him 'cause I'm kind of scared of volcanoes.

I wanted to see what happened next, but Mom woke me up to go to school. Dang! School ruins everything!
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