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Okay, so. Here's the earth. It's round, it's chillin'. Dang, that's a pretty sweet Earth.

For once in a long time I am actually psyched about a three day weekend. First of all, schedule changes being proposed = less stress, second of all, I LOVE YOU ALL, third of all, I am HAPPY.

I was able to pull off getting all of my USH homework in for full credit, plus an A on that test, plus all the teachers still think I am splendidly awesome. It's a good thing I'm so fantastic at weasling my way into people's hearts when absolutely necessary!

Speaking of weasling ways into people's hearts, I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I absolutely love the drama people at WHS. They make me feel so giddy. I'm completely not getting on the improv team because I was so happy I broke character several times, getting on the team was never really a part of my agenda because I'm a sophomore and had little chance of getting on anyway. The motive behind my going was to have fun, and that mission was most definitely accomplished, several times over.

That said, I am looking forward to furthering and deepening my bonds with those people. I have been too detached. It's time for me to jump in.

This weekend I have a list of very fun tasks I must complete. Here is the list, by my priority:
Finish watching the 4th season of 24-- I only have two episodes left
Watch all existing trailers for the 5th season of 24
Watch the season 5 premiere of 24 on Sunday, both new hours, and then on Monday, two more new hours again
Attempt to appreciate 24's hundredth episode on Monday
Make the remaining 42 patronus banners for hat_sorting
Watch the CHRONIC(what?!)cles of Narnia with Luke
Watch A Film by Kirk w/the girl who plays Chloe O'Brian in it
Watch favorite Gilmore Girls episodes from season 5
Make 24 icons
Make Kiefer Sutherland a Hufflepuff/Gryffindor/Ravenclaw/Slytherin
Possibly hang out with Jessica at some point
Submit something for trigun_awards
Submit something for sophiestillness
Write comments for awesome people on myspace who I love and adore
Establish contact with the aliens on planet x
Find out who the heck you are working for

And some other things that I'll never get around to.

That's a long enough list for three days, don't you think? I dunno if I can get it all accomplished! But I'll mose deff have a fabulicious time doing it!
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