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Yeah, about that...

Last night was pretty phenomenal in the way that I got absolutely no homework done and yet now I feel pretty relaxed and confident about getting like five kagillion things done by Friday. You know how that happened? First of all Mr Murphy mentioned how taking a watch to the APs or SAT2s or whatever would be good because it gets the adrenaline rolling and you can move faster when you know how much time you have left, which basically just told me 'keep procrastinating because you'll be able to do it all an hour before it needs to be turned in.' duh.

Second of all, will the fort still be there in drama when I get there fourth period, or will Mr Miller have taken it down already? I never got to see the finished product...

Third of all, if I have time this summer I am so going to find out how to be a swim instructor extroadinaire.

Fourthly, Columbia pool has dirty floors, is as hot and humid as something hot and humid, the pool's setup is strange, the wall curves in the fifth lane, there are only five speed swimming lanes, the diving blocks are wobbly and icky and it just plain pretty much sucks. But for some reason I really like it. The dirt could go. But I think I swim faster at Columbia (at least in backstroke) than I do anywhere else, I dunno why. I remember last year at JV districts, we had it at Columbia, and I was the first leg in the 200 medly relay, backstroke, you know, and I just flew! Got like an entire length above everyone else. Best race I ever swam. Granted the medley team I was on was pretty much poo so we ended up getting like fourth in that race, but still. Myyysteryyyy.

Oh yeah, and have you seen Disney Channel's new original movie? I know you can't believe I just asked you that question, but believe me, it is sweet. At least if you're into musicals or theatre or whatever. I dunno, I thought it was awesome. It's called High School Musical and it makes me feel like running around and dancing and stuff. Ya! Woo!

Gotta go get ready for school, piece of crap. Have a Chapter 7 test today, piece of crap. BLOCKINFEFFER.
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