alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

The longest telephone conversation I have ever had...

So, my iPod nano's broken. Yeah, already. The LCD screen or whatever's totally screwed... It could possibly be because I had it in my backpack for like three days and totally forgot about it... but hey, I had my cell phone and my retainer holder in there, too, and they didn't break! Plus I had the cover and the screen protector things on the whole time... stupid loser, iPod, getting broken.

The point is, though, that out of this I was finally forced to face my fear of calling tech help people... or really help people of any sort. When I wanted to know what time a pool opened or whatever during the summer it would take me weeks to gather up the courage to call... when thought I left something somewhere and wanted to see if they had it I wouldn't call at all, I'd just get a new one of whatever I'd lost... etc., etc.

But I promised Luke I wouldn't break an iPod if he got me one so I figured I better darn well take responsibility for this... plus I wanted to get my ipod fixed.

So I called the 1-800 service number. I had to do the whole 'press one if you need mental help' and 'press four if you are using a windows computer and we don't like you very much' thing, but eventually I got to talk to a person: A Canadian. From Canada. In Canada. Whaaa?

He was pretty helpful I guess. I think he was totally flirting with me though. Even if the conversation was freaking recorded by the Apple people, which it was. While I was waiting for him to do random stuff like check up on whatever he kept talking to me about my life.

First he asked me what "kind of work" I "was in"... and I was like, "Uh... I'm a student."

Then he was all, "Yeah? I am too! Just working here to pay off tuition, you know?"

And I was like, "Uhhh, yeah."

Then he asked me what I was majoring in... but in some college lingo way so I had to figure out what he was asking... and I didn't really want to go through the whole 'oh, I'm in high school' thing so I just said what I want to be in, drama. He thought I said, like, DREHMA or something so I clarified: "Uh, you know, theatre?"

Then he got all enthusiastic and started going on about "oh my mother is an actress" and "I was in plays and stuff in high school all the time" and "I put on a few shows myself and made a total, uh, you know..."


"ASS out of myself..."

Funny guy, that Canadian. I think he said his name when he picked up, the kinda "Hi, my name is Jack Bauer, I'll be helping you today" sort of thing, but I was so surprised that I was speaking to a real person that I didn't hear what he said. So I'll just call him Canadaman from now on.

So, yeah, once we got to the whole me telling him where I live so he could send the packaging for me to send my iPod to Apple for them to fix and everything, he found out I lived in Portland... he was all, "yeah, I've only been to the states once, and that was in Detroit..."

I responded with "Detroit's preeetty different from Portland."

We talked about the difference in climate between Portland and Canada, and how summers are nice both here and there, but they have far more cold winters there than we do here. He talked about how there was going to be a pretty bad storm coming in wherever he was. I told him how Portland has never really been one for extreme types of weather.

He asked if I'd ever been to Canada, I responded like so:

"No-- well, yes. I was really young though, I don't remember it at all."

He told me he'd been pretty young when he went to Detroit.

I tossed in one of my many famous lines: "I don't remember my childhood very well..."

And then, what happened next was pretty hilarious.

He said he'd like to respond to that but as the conversation was being recorded his responce wasn't exactly very appropriate. Oh man, Canadaman. You Canadians are all so strange.

Dude, and he knew about the Blazers! When I told him I lived in Portland he was all 'oh they've got a pretty good basketball team there' and I was like, 'uh, no?' And he responded with 'well, they used to be pretty good...'

Chuckle chuckle.

"Yeah, our hockey team 'used to be pretty good' too but now they totally suck."

OH MAN. After I mentioned hockey? He pretty much giggled with glee. He started talking about how much he LOOOVED hockey SOOO much and he was obsessed with it and everything.

I was just like "You Canadians and your hockey..."

"I guess it's just in my blood!"

The conversation lasted for about an hour overall, approximately 37% of it small talk. He was pretty helpful.

Well, I'd give you a more opinionated and whatnot analysis but I've got to go get ready to see a movie in Spanish... to the other side! Talk to you guys later!
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