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Today was a fascinating day...

Let's start from the beginning... and make it short. And without lots of capitalization.

wake up. wake up some more. look at ipod status online. see that they are getting ready to send me a new, fixed ipod nano. squee. drink some nestle french vanilla cafe ice java in milk. get dressed. get ready. obtain pillow. find 'cultivate peace' ( swim bag. put pillow in 'cultivate peace' swim bag. ask mother for suitable blanket material as all of my blankets are either too big and poofy or too small and cold. ask brother for warm coat. obtain blue blanket from mother. mention getting new coat tomorrow. put stuff in backpack/'cultivate peace' swim bag. leave. mention the cold. get to school. increase brother's social status by walking down the halls with him. stuff cultivate peace swim bag in locker with some difficulty on my part. go to math. see wicked awesome dragon on eraser board. stare at it for like fifteen minutes until mr.E erases it. have some conversation with the guy. eat some lunch: pop tarts, as a replacement for the apples we lacked today at home (Maxwell ate the last one last night. doesn't matter though, Mom got some more during school apparently). do some advanced algebra crap. attempt to evade getting homework checked. succeed in not getting homework checked. get math quiz back. get a 16/20, which is better than like 75% of the class apparently, and I missed a day due to the drama field trip. be happy because of that. realize I still have to type up fairy tale through a lense and do my history homework before lunch is over. freak out. go to photography class. sneak out to the library, write 95% of fairy tale through a lense (Rapunzel, depressed, abusive, don't ask). freak out some more because mr. U comes in to look for some kid who also shirked his photography duties. realize that mr U knows I'm super awesome and am just doing homework anyways, continue writing fairy tale through a lense. leave library before second period ends. eat some more lunch: really icky peanut butter and jelly sandwich. attempt to evade getting homework checked in spanish and fail. switch binders. be extremely awesome. go to drama. be extremely awesome some more. go scuba diving, get chased by a shark, be saved by a yacht. lunch bell rings. finish rapunzel thing. go to drama room. watch improv team practice. feel bad because I can't participate. leave. write us history in english after showing mrs. rademacher the brilliance that is me, as well as complaining about her new rule (no bottled water). go to us history. tell mr murphy how proud of me he should be. get an unexpected 27/28 on the chapter test. be all happified by the wonderfulness that is Lacy Blake. go be more happy at the meeting for ashland. be more happy at visions and voices. discuss my love of machineless, wingless flight. discuss plot possibilities of machineless, wingless flight. ponder. go to end of work call. stand, watch, make noises. follow Zack around. coil extension cord with some difficulty. follow Zack around some more. some odd stuff happens. high five Zack. sweep floor with alison. sit. follow people around. get drinks. hug Zack for his brilliance. laugh about me being a servant and hauling around trash cans. come back. sit. listen. laugh. get pizza. eat. drink. sit. listen. laugh. watch pleasantville. comment. laugh. fiddle around on the floor 'cause it's really cold. eat. drink. put coat on. drink. finish movie. feel like hugging everyone, but don't. except wait, no, I hugged Zack again, that was good. Mostly just 'cause he had that blanket on, the squishy soft one. I like those. call Maxwell to come pick me up on Julia Shurz's phone. coax Zack to come outside in the cold with me. see extremely disgusting garbage can spill. attempt to skate on it. be repulsed when I find it is sticky and has foamy frozen bits. invite Zack to help me pick up the garbage can and move it where it won't fall over again. joke around about being a servant and hauling garbage baskets around again. do the normal waiting-for-car thing. look at stars. find big dipper/north star. Tell Mr Miller thank you and I like being outside in the cold, it's refreshing and makes me happy. get in car. warm up. listen to Carbon Leaf on the way home. feel like giggling. get home. discuss things. find that a replacement ipod has been sent to me and will reach me by approximately Monday. ( drink some more nestle french vanilla cafe ice java in milk. take shower. start writing this. experience two 'brown-outs' (what the heck?). be extremely thankful that livejournal has a new auto-save function. watch Whose Line.

And stuffs.
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