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It's a funny thing, being exhausted beyond belief. Sometimes you're not sure if your eyes are opened or closed. And then someone turns a light on. And you're like. Right. Open.

I went to the closing night cast party Saturday and stayed up until 7am. I watched RENT for the first time in my life at 5am. While it finished the sun came up and told me it was morning already. It was a really nice cast party. Even if I had no blankets when I tried to fall asleep at 7am, so I pretty much froze to death until Jane left and I stole hers. Which was tiny. But it was nice. I left via Teigh Bowen at like 9am, was reminded of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland (tourists... why'd it have to be tourists...) got home, took a scalding shower, went to my nice warm downy bed around 9:30am and slept until 1pm, when I promptly woke up and vegged in front of the computer for the rest of the day. That's approximately 4 hours of sleep. And staying up all night. I have not truly stayed up all night, feeling the sun come up and all, since I was approximately 9 years old and I took an airplane to England, watching Grease as the in-flight movie.

I love drama. So very much.

On Monday I had a nice day. Strike was okay. Room 108 is like six trillion times better than it was. I found out I'm pretty sweet at sweeping things. Like the ground. And my arm.

Tuesday, yesterday, after school, I had an orthodontist appointment to find out what the deal is since I lost my bottom retainer. Basically it's all good as long as we pay like $165 for a new one. And I have to get some enamel chopped off of my teeth. But hey, I'm good at bracing pain. HA! BRACING! BRACES! NO PUN INTENDED! Hoo boy.

It's the little things that really make you smile, make you glad you've got something to look forward to in life, things that make you glad you're not somebody else or maybe just that you are who you are. Like yesterday I figured out how to use a tape adapter to hook my iPod nano up to the car. And when we were driving back from the orthodontist we saw this lady on a bike. She looked so happy. She had this huge grin on her face. She was a little heavyset, wobbling a bit on her bike. But her hair was flying back in the wind and she just looked so happy, happy that she was biking against the tide of cars or happy, I don't know why, she was just so fantastically happy. It was amazing. And it just made me smile.

Mr Miller is so great. I mean seriously. I didn't even know Mrs Simrell that well at all and yet I know for sure Mr Miller is far better. How do I know this? Mrs Simrell made the 'drama's going to get cut' speech the night before Anything Goes' opening night or something. I was sick. Right before I had been down in the costume room coughing up a storm because I was so sick and tired and I kept trying to make myself sing. And then I come upstairs and I hear this crap about how drama's probably not coming back next year and we're all doomed and I just start bawling. From the sore throat, from the exhaustion, and from the crappiness of it all.

And then now, this year, Mr Miller makes the 'drama might get cut' in everyone's class the first day back after closing night, a couple days before we talk about what we're going to do with the department next year. It makes me laugh. Because I know we will get drama back. We always do and we always will. He talks so much more optomistically than Mrs Simrell did. I'm still exhausted but not so much because I have learned how to supress illness and exhaustion until I can let it go. Kinda like sucking it in when you're fat, you know. When you're by yourself you let it go but while you're with the ones that matter and the time matters you suck it in. Anyways. Mr Miller is great. I'm seriously looking forward to growing more and more throughout each production and getting closer to everyone and finding out more about how things work and what we do.

Only two more days until spring break. After school tomorrow I have a meeting for Ashland. Perhaps I shall get to squee about it. I am so excited for Ashland I can pretty much not handle it. And then the Monday after the Monday after spring break there's tryouts for One Acts.
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