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I must apologize for my incredibly sickening use of grammar and tenses in the transcript of my dream I wrote earlier this morning. You must understand, I just woke up and was in a hurry to get to the mall so I could sit and read and do absolutely nothing in a wonderfully air-conditioned haven of love.

I'd fix everything but I'm too lazy. Also Mollie, I don't think it was the heat because it wasn't all that hot last night, it just got like this today. Perhaps it was my body anticipating the heat?

Also the whole hair thing could have been because yesterday I was seriously considering cutting my hair pretty darn short. Even though everyone's like 'oh Ali, your hair is so pretty', especially Mom, who's like, extremely protective of it because I was bald until I was three. She's as protective as a mother cougar.

And I'm as unrequited as an unrequited thing as far as life goes.

EDIT: Also, I don't hardly ever have recurring dreams. 'Cept a year or two ago when I kept dreaming I could fly.
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