alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

PPPS. I love you.

Okay I'll stop spamming your friends page now. <33

EDIT: Be happy I edited this and didn't post something more.

I just noticed how much Logan/Rory is soooo much like Vash/Meryl except in a seriously not on a different planet kind of way.

That is all.

EDIT EDIT: But seriously, doesn't Logan look exactly like Vash except without an earing or a mole or green eyes?

Meaning, he's just some blonde guy who has spiky hair sometimes.


EDIT EDIT EDIT: If they made a Trigun movie with real actors and for some strange reason they made one with american actors instead of Japanese... Matt Czuchry could SO play the part of Vash. You just have to dot a mole on his cheekbone, slap on an earing, put in some contacts, and BAM, Vashorama!

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: I'm going to go watch some more RuroKen. It's still too hot here to sleep. Diet Snapple and sheet blanket, awaaaay!

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: I just wanted to add one more. Make it an even five. But really. Tea, tea, why, Elle?
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