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I like singing random things!

Dorothy Elias-Fahn is really cool.

Like, a lot of the time, her voice sounds really annoying. But she always seems to catch you forgetting she's a voice actress. And she makes you love her characters.

Even though her voice for Kaoru is exactly the same as hers for Meryl (except with Kaoru there's less growling) you can totally forget that and they're different people. And both ways she makes you fall for the ship.

It's funny, because she says "Kenshin" almost exactly with the same tone of voice as with "Vash", but with "Kenshin" after a while she gets much more tender than she does with "Vash", because Kaoru and Kenshin get to go through a lot more than Vash and Meryl in each of their shows.

But if you think about it, Meryl and Kaoru are a lot alike in many aspects.

Kenshin's a wanderer, Vash is a wanderer...
That's an eensy bit freaky.

It's poopie that we have an official picture of Kaoru and Kenshin's kid just because their relationship is dealt with more, man! Gosh!

Of course, Naru is just an annoying person and Love Hina's a crap anime because nothing actually ever happens, so that's not anyone's fault.

I loved her as Cyborg 003... because that was a good part. And of course there's Mimori from Scryed... and Chiharu Mihara from cardcaptor...

And she was Nova in Magic Knight Rayearth, which makes me squirm.

Her first role was as Fujiko Mine in Lupin the third, which I find hilarious.

I wonder if anyone else agrees. I'd like, start up a fandom community, but I dunno if anyone would join.


Mmmm, this water is refreshing!
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