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I had another strange dream last night!

Several, actually. I think it happens when I go to sleep at a really late hour (three fourty-five).

One of them was about Fruits Basket, I think, but I don't remember that one. It probably happened because I watched the last episodes of the Furuba series last night.

They were kinda crap. But anyways, before I forget everything!

Before you foam all over the place, this wasn't a dirty dream or anything. There were a lot of lovey-dovey parts. In fact, the whole thing was kind of lovey-dovey untill the end when it just got strange in a silly kind of way. Anyway. Please excuse anything that happens in this dream if you find it OOC, because it's a dream, and this is the way it happened.

So, we come into this town, and it's much more green and fresh and modern-looking (like the suburbs of Portland) than everywhere else. Plants aren't a problem, I guess. We weren't surprised, it was just another place. Anyway, these people recognize Vash. And they get super pissed off, because, I dunno, he hit a guy they all thought was really cool last time he was here. And it turns out, that guy is super powerful and strong. In a fisty kind of way. They're not into guns in this town.

They want Vash and this guy to have a fistfight to the death. They say if he doesn't do it, they'll kill him. Like, execute him. And they say they'll have guards all around our hotel to make sure we don't try to escape, and there are other precautions. Of course, I'm absolutely terrified because Vash is a gun guy, and I've never seen him fight hands-on, and besides, Vash could never kill anyone! But I don't say anything because I'm Meryl and I don't like saying that I'm scared when I'm scared. After the guys leave, Vash nods his head to them all broodily and sighs. He turns to me and sees that I'm shaking a little and I can't make myself look him in the eye. He plants both hands on my shoulders and keeps me still. I feel ashamed for being so scared, for not having faith in Vash. I glance up at his face and I see that he's looking at me intently, with an expression so strong that I felt wrong not looking in his eyes. And they were beautiful, comforting, strong, decisive, but also a little worried and scared too, I think. But he says to me, after our eyes lock, "It'll be alright."

I crack a small smile at him, and suddenly I am overcome by the urge to cry. I put my fist in front of my mouth to stop myself, and wipe at my eyes, and Vash pulls me to him in a hug, saying "Shhhhh." I burrow my face into his chest because he is holding me so tightly and petting my hair and I can't stop crying, clutching onto his shirt like a child, feeling so incredibly stupid for not trusting him and not believing him when he says it will be alright. "Your hands have better uses than wiping the tears from your eyes..." he tells me when I have calmed down. He prods me back a little so that I can look up at his face again, and I can see that he's grinning. " making me some DINNER, woman! I'm STARVING!" His tummy rumbles like a lion, and before I have the chance to smack him one, he's run off, pulling down his under-eyelid and sticking out his tongue at me. I seeth and crack a crooked smile, and Milly, who has been off to the side this entire time, just goes, "Really Meryl, he's going to need his strength for the match tomorrow!" All of the strength that I had built up just wooshes out of me. I sigh, and the scene fades out into us at our hotel.

Our hotel isn't really a hotel, because no one else was there. It was like a house all to ourselves. I guess we were renting it for the night or something? I dunno. It was a lot like my house in real life, actually.

It's after dinner (we had beef stew), and Vash and Milly are upstairs in my parent's room, where there's air conditioning, and I'm sitting on the carpet floor elsewhere, feeling exhausted. I told the other two I wanted to be alone to think. Milly was playing around on the computer (uhhh, yeah, my parent's room, duh?) and I didn't know what Vash was doing, but I told myself it didn't matter, he was probably preparing for his match or something. I'm sitting there, feeling crappy, and I realize that this is the exact same feeling I had before he left to fight Knives (don't ask me what happened to Knives, this wasn't addressed in the dream). Then I started freaking out. I didn't want him to leave again, let alone permanently. I tell myself I'm being delusional, but it doesn't work, and I end up walking upstairs to my parents' room (which, I should mention, is quite large). I see Milly is stilly giggling and playing on the computer, and Vash is sprawled out on his back, on the floor, staring at the ceiling, breathing deeply. Seeing him there takes all of my energy out of me and I feel like I have just wrestled with a rhino and lost. I sumble over next to Vash and sprawl out on my back next to him, but in the opposite direction. In case that doesn't make sense to you, I've drawn a crappy little diagram.

I turn my head to the side to look at him, and I see that he has done the same. I realize how close our hands are and I hesitantly pick mine up and put it on Vash's. He smiles and closes his hand around mine. I laugh a little, as does he, and I feel like we're an old married couple on our death beds, laughing at the thought of leaving this planet together. Then remember why I came up there in the first place, and curl onto my side, pulling his hand close to me, hugging his arm, never wanting to let him go.

He looks a bit strained and I say, "What?", a little annoyed.

He responds quietly, "I don't think Nightow is ready for this to happen yet."

I laugh and kiss his hand, as I feel like crying again and I try to stop myself. "I just don't want you to leave again," I squeak out quietly, but not so quietly that he can't hear what I say.

"Oh, Meryl," he responds, pulling himself closer to me, attempting to look into my eyes again, even though we are looking at each other upside-down and it is awkward. "I'm not going anywhere." He sits up, and I follow suit, spinning around so we are side to side. "I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out." I rest my head on his shoulder as we stare at the door. He kisses the top of my head, mumbling into my hair, "You smell nice." I smile. He rests his head on my head, and says, "Just stay by my side during the fight, okay?" I look down at his hand and take it in mine again. "I'm not going anywhere," I respond.

Flash forward to the match. Vash is getting pummeled, as is the other guy. It's horrible. There's blood everywhere, cries of pain from both sides, and I can't bear it. I'm standing in the shade watching them and it's horrible and I don't know what to do. So I turn and run into the house through the garage and up the stairs into the first floor. I sit on the ground, holding my knees tightly to my chest, shivering, scared out of my mind. I'm there for quite a while. Suddenly a bell is rung and I hear running footsteps coming up the stairs. I stand up and try to calm myself. Vash bursts through the door, with Milly behind him. He's all busted up and panting but he's grinning and I don't know what to feel or do or say. Milly, for some reason, looks like she's been enjoying this match the whole time. Vash sees my condition and glances at Milly, who backs off a little. He says quickly, "I've found a way to stop the match." I'm confused, but then I remember that they get one five-minute break whenever they like one. He hands me a red rubber chicken and says, "Pretend that the bad guy is using that to cheat. Okay? Okay?" I'm bewildered. A rubber chicken? "They're using it to control his body movements." What the hell? "I'm sorry you have to watch this. It'll be over soon though." The bell rings again. "Gotta go!" He kisses my cheek and runs off.

I'm just standing there, like, what the hell?

Then I touch my cheek. There's blood there. And I know I have to help him, no matter how crazy he is.

I don't remember much from the end of the dream, but basically, I pull out all the stops when it comes to this chicken thing, and everyone totally believes me. They end up driving away, chastising this man for cheating, saying we can stay at the house as long as we like for free. Vash falls to the ground, panting, half-dead, beaten to a pulp. I rush over to him with a wet towel and bandages and start to clean him up. I'm shaking all over and fumbling over myself and I just want to help him as fast as I can. I try to get him to take off his coat, because I'm sure there are wounds that need to be tended to there. He rests a hand on my arm to stop me. "I'll be fine." I try to keep going, annoyed, saying "You're not invincible, you know. You may be a plant but you're not invincible."

"I'll be... fine." But the pressure he has put on my arm lets up a little and I start to take off his coat. He hesitates a little more.

"I've seen your scars before, Vash. And if you're not careful, these wounds will make new ones. I'm not afraid. Let me take off your--"

And then he gives me a hug.

And I wake up.

Try to interpret that dream, man.
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