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I'm back! And I bring good news. For not complaining about going to the Alvord, Mom has bought me a new full year paid account subscription to livejournal plus 100 userpic bonus! Which also means that I get some more loyalty userpics. Huzzah!

I think I subconsciously planned it to turn out this way. Yay subconscious brain!

In other news... I snagged this from Kat.

a. Post a list of 15 fandoms you are a member of.
b. Have your friends list guess your favourite character/pairing from each.
c. When guessed, tell us why you like that character/pairing.

1. Trigun -- Meryl, guessed by Marie
2. Trigun -- VashxMeryl, guessed by LT
3. Full Metal Panic! -- Sousuke, guessed by LT
4. Full Metal Panic! -- SousukexKaname, guessed by Marie
5. Rurouni Kenshin -- KenshinxKaoru, guessed by Marie
6. Gilmore Girls
7. Final Fantasy: Unlimited
8. Sailor Moon
9. Fruits Basket -- Yuki, guessed by Marie
10. Final Fantasy VIII
11. Avatar: The Last Airbender
12. Outlaw Star
13. Neon Genesis Evangelion
14. Gaia Online -- Gino Gambino, guessed by Daisy
15. Harry Potter

Here's what I did. In the first two fandoms I have two different people/pairings that I love. That's right, these fandoms include romantic pairings as well as singular characters. In some things, I may like a single person, in some I may like only a pairing and not one of the two individually, etc., etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

1. Meryl Stryfe! O, how I adore you! Your black hair that shines blue, your sweet derringers, your complexity, your fantasticness. I think Meryl is most likely the sole person (imaginary or real) that I have ever liked this much without romantic feelings involved. I grew up with Meryl (Chibi Meryl), made her my own, but also let her be herself (Meryl). I at one point betrayed her and made her something she would never agree to become naturally (Demon Meryl). I've been through so much with her, and now that I've sort of have been separated from her for a while, I can see how freakin' sweet her original character is. She's just so GREAT. I really want to make a Meryl fancommunity but I dunno if anyone would join! ): People are so thick.
2. Vash the Stampede and Derringer Meryl! The one true pairing in a sea of false pairings, Vash and Meryl are the absolute best! They're both incredibly complex characters, and they share so many special moments together, and they so obviously care for each other even if they're not as canon as those pairings from romance anime or whatever. I think one of the things that makes me like this coupling so much is the amount of sparks you feel between the two throughout both the anime and the manga. Vash and Meryl are both so intense, no doubt their feelings for each other are just as intense if not more. Vash and Meryl together make a burning passionate fire of lovey dovey goodness! Oh the hugs! Oh the silly winking! The screeching! The facepalms! It's all such a dream come true!
3. Sousuke Sagara -- Quite possibly the most attractive character in history, Sousuke makes me feel like running around and giggling like a maniac. He's so tough and so smart in some ways but so naive and silly in others. And he's really sweet in a manly kind of way. And he's really good looking. And and and. OOooOOOooh! I would never stoop to the level of a fangirl for anyone, but Sousuke brings it pretty freakin' close.
4. Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori. I'm pretty sure they're exactly like Vash and Meryl... but FAR more immature and naive. A thousand times so. And Sousuke isn't REALLY like Vash. Kaname's like Meryl in a lot of aspects, though. Like she always beats up on Sousuke. But really she loves him. Of course, Kaname is not like Meryl because Kaname is sort of desperate about the whole thing and wears bikinis and crap, whereas Meryl is just cool. And wears a grand total of four different outfits during the entire show. Buuut I dunno. Sousuke and Kaname have that spark, you know? That pully glue feeling like whenever they hug it's where they're meant to be. So I really like them. And Sousuke is hilarious about everything. So there you go.
5. Ahhhh, Himura Kenshin and Kamiya Kaoru. SOOOO wonderful together. Like blackberry jelly (Kaoru) and peanut butter (Kenshin). There are several scenes that really get me between these two. For instance, when Kenshin is blinded by the light from that dude's sword, and he's sitting in the shack with his chest all bandaged up, and Kaoru must have done that, and she's sitting there looking all sad, and he says "I may be blind, but I can still see the expression you have right now, Miss Kaoru. And I wish you wouldn't look so sad." And he reaches out, completely missing her face, so sad, and Kaoru grabs his hand and, like, nuzzles it. HOGOSH. SOPERFECT. UWAH. Plus they have a baby later. Canon FTW!
9. Yuki Sohma -- WHAT THE HECK. Why do people like Kyo so much more than him? Because he's the cat? Because he has the bad boy thing going on? The only reason why Tohru ends up leaning more towards him is because he has more problems than Yuki and Tohru likes to fix people's problems. Yuki is kind, sweet, broody, pretty and is a thousand times better than Kyo. Not to say that I dislike Kyo as much as Yuki does, I just think he's kind of wussy. If I were him, I'd just be like, DUDE, BEING THE CAT ISN'T THAT BAD! And then run off and jump on a plane to seafoodland or something. Because his other form seriously isn't that scary. Even if it does smell bad. And Yuki? Yuki is forever. Ze end.
14. Gino Gambino -- what a guy! I like his father and all, but I can relate to Gino a lot more. He wants to please his father so he's a good little kid, even if what his father wants isn't necessarily what he wants, he loves his daddy, so he does it anyway. I can no look upon the Gino/Johnny combined guy with more humor than I could when it was first revealed -- he was really a combination of the two characters! Gino's sweet. We need to play Mario Kart again. He'll pick Toad and I'll pick Peach and I'll totally beast him, like I always do.

Plus other things that I may write about later. But I am tired.
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