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The moon is super super bright tonight. It's like the sun except it doesn't have its own light and it orbits around the earth and it doesn't have other planets floating around it and it's not a ball of gas and it doesn't burn ants up when you shine it's light through a magnifying glass.

But other than that.

Exactly like the sun.

I hope LT's surgery went okay. She's like, my new friend. That's cool. I like friends. They're nice.

Hopefully I won't do something stupid like insult her mother or drop a nuclear bomb on her house or something.

Anyways. Improv class is over. I wasn't that good. I was all jittery. Because I made myself that way. I thought that nervousness would help and, since I never get nervous, I made myself nervous by thinking I was nervous (an acting technique that I've learned through my many travels -- it also works with thinking you're warm when you're really cold and other Inconvenient Truths). But it backfired. Dun dun dunnn.

Perhaps next time I'll just gooo with the floowww.

Mr. Duncan said he was surprised that I was a high school student because I'm so mature. "I would have thought you were much older." Join the club, loser.

No, seriously, join the club. They call themselves the IAMs for short. I'm sure you've heard of that title.

He also asked me, "So, are you thinking of getting into theatre?"

I responded with "Sir, I'm already into theatre."

DUN DUN DUN. GOT YOU. HA. Once again. See you. Wouldn't want to be you.

Another bunch of rose petals to add to the drama flower petal pot. Ask me about my drama flower petal pot sometime. I'm sure it'll intrigue you immensly. And then you'll go fly on the back of a pegasus and stop all Middle-Eastern warfare permanently.

Haha. Goodnight everyone. Until next time.

*theme music plays*



Thank you.

EDIT EDIT: This is what I get for watching anime/PGSM on youtube without english dubs.

I keep hearing "daijoubu" in my head. Over. And OVER. And over again. In various girly anime voices.

It's a nitemare, really. And I mean nitemare. Not nightmare. Nitemare.
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