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Dude, you know what I want?

This shirt.

It's the only official Trigun T-shirt that has Meryl on it. That I've seen.


I also really want the Meryl Stryfe action figure, but that's another story completely.

Oh, and a new Meryl keychain. Because I lost the other one at school. Not my fault of course, the darn thing just broke off my backpack. But I'd probably put it on my purse instead if I got a new one, since my purse takes much less hard wear.

One question, what is the use of an animation cel?

In other news, I saw that Nightow posted a link to this short comedic thing in EF. BEWARE, TONS OF SENSELESS FAKE BLOOD AND GUTS. It's really kinda funny, though. And in English. What does this mean? Beats me. All I could see was five trillion crazy symbols and a link to this thing.

He also had a link to Disney's "The Incredibles" website at one point. Nightow is apparently a silly goose. Good job, man.

You know what? I think his "movie" section is actually a section about different movies he's seen or wants to see. XD Because there was also a link to the movie "Ultraviolet"'s trailor. XD

Actually, attempting to stalk him through his journal is pretty interesting... *stares at symbols, hoping that suddenly they will make sense, even though she doesn't have Japanese text installed on her computer so they're just a bunch of ¥'s and Ä's, etc.*

Dude, he posted a link to the Japanese amazon for buying Soprano's DVDs?

*stalks more... and continues to fail*
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