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Because I am not in a rambly mood, I will give you an incredibly short outline of my day, and you can imagine the rambliness yourself.

Went to the mall.
Got blisters on my heels because they are super sensitive.
Bought a new pair of flip-flops for $1 at the dollar store.
Bought a present for my brother.
Nearly cried during this horribly not-cry-worthy trailor for some random horse movie.
Watched Zoom.
Saw men in suits and hats on the bus.
Got Subway.
Saw and talked to Hannah Hickman on the way back home from Subway.
We both agreed that summer has its pros and cons.
Continued to walk home, feeling much happier.
Some extremely hot guys drove by and grinned at me.
Continued to walk home, feeling much happier.
Got home.
Ate subway.
Watched rerererun of spongebob.
Played some Mario Kart.
Decided that I am going to watch le Stargate tonight.
Felt like hugging something.
Felt like going to get my blanket, a pillow and perhaps a couple teddy bears to hug.
And now I'm going to go do that.

The end.


NOTE TO SELF: Seriously. Stop with the apostrophes on possessive "its". Please and thank you.
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