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Lucas by Kevin Brooks is really quite a very good book. I recommend it to all of you. It's not a hard read, only around 360 pages, not complicated or hard to understand (except the choices of the plot line are a bit of a poser the first time you read it -- the second time through everything makes complete sense, though). It's good.

The character of Lucas has that something that only a few people I've known have ever achieved, combined with a certain temperament that is clearly irresistible to me. The blond hair, blue eyes, kind hardness that warms you and makes you smile. A fresh scent with a hint of something else. Fear and lack of fear. Combinations. But also clarity and simplicity.

The blond hair and blue eyes are not necessary, they only accent the personality in a unique way that brown and brown could not. Green eyes would work okay, but not as well.

Lucas' body type is described as quite lean and boyish, but incredibly strong looking. This is another combination that is on the list of the character. It's not necessary. But it helps accent everything about him in a plain and simple way. Accents can be annoying and overdone. But not when they're barely noticeable.

This certain character and certain temperament is a comfort to me, when met with in fiction, non-fiction or life. It's a nudge on the shoulder, a slight wink, a twitch of the mouth towards a smile. Jesse Tuck is an example of a character with this temperament. He doesn't have all of the characteristics, but enough so. Vash is on the outer limits. Colin felt like a faker. I thought Teigh was rather close to the target, but he was far too physically correct and not nearly enough in the mental department. Zack's on the button as far as mental goes but I haven't seen the man in my life so I've no clue about physical. Darien had it close, but faded so it didn't make as much of an impact.

It's not the perfect person, it's not my type, it's not what I'm looking for necessarily, it's just nice to think about.

A comfort.

In other, completely unrelated news, Mother told me that I should spread this around the internet and perhaps it would become popular or something. So here I am, spreading it throughout the world. Dirty innuendos and all.

If you would like to copy and post this in your blog, feel free. If not, whatever man.

First of all, if you smoke, don't. If you are offended by this, sorry. But not really.

Because smoking is stupid. You can get the same sensation from drinking hot chocolate. Or breathing in the heat of a warm fire.

Except those two aren't addictive and don't blacken your lungs, or the lungs of those around you. Except perhaps the fire thing, because you could actually breathe in the fire and then burn everything up.

My point is this.

Every time someone walks past me who is smoking, I let them walk an eensy, little bit farther, then I cough.

Not too loudly, but loud enough so that they will hear my cough. They may think it is just me clearing my throat, or that I have a cold. But truly, I am coughing because I feel as though I have to.

I am not telling them that smoking is bad and that they are helping to contribute to the growing problems of cancer in the world. I am not telling them that they are killing themselves, and if they are suicidal, that's stupid too.

I am not telling them any of these things.

I'm just coughing.

But my cough may, just may remind them of the harm that they're doing. That they're killing me. Slowly, they're bringing my death closer.

But I'm not saying it.

I'm just coughing.

And it makes me feel better. One cough and I feel like I've told them something. Without being rude, without being pushy, without being out of line or dumb. I just coughed. But I did something.

So, I don't know, perhaps next time someone walks past you who is smoking, cough. Or cough a couple times if your friend is smoking.

If you want to talk to the person, far be it from me to stop you.

But if you feel like it's rude...

Just cough. Once is enough. It'll make you feel better. Maybe.
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