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No doubt about it. Lucas is definitely, by far, my favorite book.

Which is strange. Because it has a really sad ending. Horrendously sad, actually. And I usually absolutely abhor stories with sad endings. That goes for movies, books, life, everything. But Lucas is different. It's... indescribable. Wonderful would be wrong. Incredible as well. Amazing, not so much. Touching, I guess, but that makes it sound like something it's not.

I miss people, and things, and emotions, and situations. I long for people, and things, and emotions, and situations. I have people, and things, and emotions, and situations.

And everything happens. And nothing happens. And something happens.

And then, sometimes, you go to sleep.

And then, sometimes, you dream.

I'm going to go play some Mario Kart. I don't know why. It's become a routine with me, Mario Kart before bed.

Probably because it's so incredibly stupid.

Well, there you are.

I feel silly for not owning my own copy of Lucas. But it seems as though I only ever read it when I have absolutely no money to call my own.

Of course, I've only read it twice.
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