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So, basically, I had this three hour long dream last night about how I saved the world from evil at the end of Harry Potter's Book 7. I believe the title of the dream was "Harry Potter And The Drama Dame from Hufflepuff" or something like that. And it was really scary, but there was this sweet scene where I completely WENT BALLISTIC at Potter and his friends for joking about Hufflepuff and how Gryffindor was so much better and I yelled and screamed at him all of these fantastically witty but harsh things and I'm pretty sure it made him fall in love with me, but I wasn't interested. Well, not enough to do something about it.

Instead there was this older Death Eater who was like twenty-something, and he wasn't really bad, he was just being forced to do bad things by Voldy via this wicked crazy stone rabbit he had on a string necklace around his neck, and he was really funny and we had some good talks on the bleachers while everyone in the world was being forcefully kept in the biggest quidditch pitch in the world. He wasn't incredibly good looking, but he was nice and had really pretty eyes.

I would describe to you the dream in detail if I could, but sadly, it's been hours and those are really the only parts of the dream I can remember clearly, other than it was autumn at the time. But I thought I'd mention it.

A couple days ago I had a dream that I was living 24 and I met Jack Bauer and it was pretty terrifying and stuff. But I can't remember anything from that. Low sienna toe.
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