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Whee, it's time for FUQ!



Anyway, FUQ stands for "Frequently Unasked Questions", and goshdarnit, I'm here not only to please, but to serve, plus answer stuff when I'm bored out of my mind!

You: Please explain this thing, "FUQ." Whatdoesitdo? What happens when I press the red button?

Me: Golly gee whiz, I'm glad you asked! FUQ is this thing I just made up, see? I try to think up questions people might want to know about me or something, and then, er, I answer myself! But the REALLY cool thing about "FUQing" (Expect more sick puns in the future, by the way) is that YOU, yes YOU, the reader, the follower, the cool person, the big cheese, etc., etc., get to ask YOUR OWN FUQ!! Yes, that's right, feel free to make AS MANY COMMENTS AS YOU LIKE on this journal update, asking me whatever the heck you want to ask, and if it's not too personal or, uhm, inappropriate, I'll probably answer your question in the next issue of FUQing fun!

You: ... What about the red button?

Me: It blows up the world.

You: ... *presses the red button* ...?

Earth: *doesn't blow up*

Me: I never said WHICH world. =D

Moving on.

Rules of FUQ:
1. Read through stuff to make sure your question hasn't already been answered.
2. No creepy stalking. Paltry stalking is fine, but I cross the line at creepy.
3. Post your question here. Like. In this journal. On one of the FUQing posts... dude. =D 'Lay?
4. No commenting on my FUQing puns. I mean, it's not like I'm really SWEARING or anything. Honestly, when does Ali swear? It's all in your head. You people and your heads.
5. Enjoy yourself. But... not too much.


Here, let me start off.

Ali: What's with the whole xBlue_Euphoriax thing, grrl?

Alessandra: Well, stranger, I'm glad you asked. You see, Alessa likes the color blue. In true, uncensored fact, she has an abnormal obsession with it! So, obviously, Blue had to be SOMEWHERE in her username. Then with the whole Euphoria thing? Well, for one, euphoria is a freaking tizzizzle (Translation?: "Tight". Translation?: "Cool". Translation?: "You're an idiot".) word. Ales read this one book called "The Adventures of The Blue Avenger" (the series is something awesome, ya'll) and somewhere in that thing there was this word: THE! Well, there was Euphoria, too, but whatever. Anyway, that was the first time Sandra had ever seen the word "Euphoria", so she was like, WTD? (Translation?: "Where's the duck?".) And, like, looked up the meaning on, because aytch tee tee pee colin slash slash dubble-you dubble-you dubble-you dot dictionary dot cee oh em is tee aytch ee space pee el ay cee ee space tee oh space bee ee exclamation point! And was all like "Dude, Ali, you've been drinking caffeinated stuff again, haven't you?" And she was all "No way man, we're out of DCC!"


Euphoria, according to, is a noun, and means "A feeling of great happiness or well-being."

Cool word.

So, we had BlueEuphoria. Now, the E and the E didn't look cool next to each other (NO I'M NOT PREDJUDICED, SHUTYOMOUTH!) so I put an underscore in-between 'em. So, it was then Blue_Euphoria, which looks BORING AS A TRIP TO THE ALVORD, so I decided to spice it up a bit with those spicy x's. Y'all.

And now I'd like to point out how COOL the phrase "Blue Euphoria" is. In song.

... But I'm not going to sing it to you. ): Sorry. I'm going to... drumroll, please...


Woot. Again.

1. Blue is an awesome color.
2. Euphoria is an awesome word.
3. Blue is often considered a "sad" color. As in, "Are you feeling blue, Mrs. Goorshnackle? That's completely understandable. I'm sorry your husband is Danish and has an icky last name." So to use blue as an adjective, to describe euphoria, is, like, not only cool, but also awesome.
4. Plus! There is that whole thing about the earth being only in shades of blue. The blue people. And blue... oranges.
5. Or the phrases "Blue orb", "Blue Planet", "Planet of Blue", "Planet Earth is Blue, and there's nothing I can do", etc., etc., referring to The Earth, The Planet In Which We Currently Inhabit. Blue, in that sense, could be used metaphorically to represent The Earth. "The Earth Euphoria"? Inky. Let's say we use the Espania way of putting the noun in front of the adjective (even though Euphoria is a noun, not an adjective!), shall we? So, converted to English, "The Earth Euphoria" would be "Euphoric Earth", The Ideal Earth, what we always seem to be striving for... blah... blah... blah.

Ehhem. Didn't mean to get all smart on you there.

... Er.

That was only one question, but if no one comments on this thing for the rest of today and asks me some FUQ, I'll make up my own FUQ for my own FUQing pleasure. =D 'Lay? 'Lay.
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