alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

More FUQing fun!

Only three simple questions to answer on this first round, but, whatever man.

If you're new to FUQing, look Here.

The Questions:

Kitoshi: Why does FUQ have to sound so much like. . .yeah?

Me: Because Frequently Asked Questions seemed too common. I changed it to Frequently Unasked Questions, so it'd be more unique. Like me. *Pose.* Just kidding.

Kitoshi: If the red button DID blow up a world? What would happen to the people? DID YOU NOT THINK OF THAT?!

Me: It did. It blew up a world. A dead world. With absolutely no life on/1000000000 miles close to it. =D Bwahahahahahaaaa.

Kitoshi: What really made you think of an FUQ? Oo;

Me: Well, some guy asked me why I am the way I am last night (I told him he'd have to be more specific if he wanted a serious answer), and I was thinking about that this morning, whilst being consumed by boredom. I thought, "Boy, I could sure use some Diet Cherry Coke right now." Then, I thought, "'Hey, remember that weird question page thing on your annoyer home page... thing... you did last year?' 'That was fun. I should do something like that again. Except... more serious.'" Since I go on livejournal more than anything else these days, I decided to put it here. And, well, there you go.

Feel free to ask more questions! Everyone and anyone! Anything and everything! (Except those few exceptions mentioned in the rules! ;D)
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