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I just spent like two minutes refreshing a random sorting hat thing so that I would get Hufflepuff as a result. And it made me wonder... have I been too accepting of my Hufflefate? Is it really my Hufflefate? Could I possibly be a Gryffingal underneath my Puffy exterior? Not that I want to be, considering EVERYONE is in Gryffindor, I mean, seriously, there are always so many more people sorted into Gryffindor online than any other house. Believe me, I've researched. And everyone wears Gryffindor gear to mimic Potter or Hermione or something, and it's so sad, because they're all just following the trend, like little trend-followers. I mean, I love Gryffindors, really, but still. We need more hufflelove!

In related news...

I didn't make that. I don't know who did, I just found it in someone else's journal, and they didn't know who made it either.


I am not immune to the draws of Fred and George. Both of them. I can't decide which one I like better.

Whereas, with the Ouran twins, I don't really like either of them.

But Fred and George. Yikes. Knockout. HAHAHAWIPEOUT even. Wink? Goodness. Sa-wooon.

Speakingofwhich, I finished reading Sarah Dessen's "Just Listen" a few days ago (when I said I would go finish it... I did). It was okay. The thing about Sarah's writing is that it's so realistic there's nothing to it, really. You can picture everything in your mind and relate to everything so there's nothing to wonder about. It's just like, after you've read it, you just go, "Hmmm, that was an interesting thing that happened."

In fact, if ever presented with an opportune moment, I might actually use the phrase "That reminds me of something that happened to an old friend of mine" while really meaning Owen or Remy or something. I do quite like all of the random fan-bits she puts in her books, crossing over characters and stuff, like how Dexter and Remy were all sweet-y and it made me happy because it means they keep on being sweet-y after "This Lullaby".

I am afraid to upload that icon as one of my own, because if I do, I fear I will never ever use another icon ever again. Because it's so pretty. LOOK AT HIS HAIR FOR GOODNESS SAKE. *pet*

EDIT: OH, ONE MORE THING! Did you guys notice that all of the kids from School of Rock are Hufflepuffs? *points to their yellow-and-black ties*

EDIT EDIT: I want this seatshirt! D:
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