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Yes, I'm posting again. And yes, I am going to go to bed after this.

But first...

I made an icon out of this Puck art I found googling... and I sort of made it my default userpic. Good idea, or no? Of course this was only because I've (so far) been voted as Puck at _tobeornottobe, and we all know how possessive I can get about the things I'm stamped as. So. Yes? No? Is there any icon of mine you'd like to see as my default? XD I'm serious, I never know how to choose!

Speakingofwhich, I felt really bad about the whole 'NO WAI' thing with that Vash icon, so I redid it, spelling it right. I don't really like the whole o rly no wai deal, it's sort of overplayed if you know what I mean. So here you are, correct spelling and all...

Plus a couple just for kicks... the 'PWNED' one just because it fit, and of course, LT because she just wrote something horrendously dirty about Vash and Meryl and Meryl saw it. Yes? Something of the sort?

Good night, everyone! I hope you're all sleeping well! :)
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