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Chris Pine is also deliberately good looking.

Suddenly I want to watch this new Lindsay Lohan "Just My Luck" movie and also make a Chris Pine colorbar.

Speakingofwhich, I adjusted my profile a bit... and not it just looks silly. It's the "Tower of Crazy Girl". Go check it out! I need more colorbars/lovebars. Like I need to find that LoganxRory one I used to have, as well as maybe a sweet Hufflepuff/Cedric colorbar, and that should be vaguely good?

In realated-ish news, I have a new new default icon. It's Robert Pattinson, actor for Cedric, and I was just drawn to the icon. It's so. REFRESHING. Like the Ouran twins, except not, because Tamaki is sooo more refreshing than them.
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