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That's what I want the movie to look like.

Nightow, I'm laying down the law. Right here, right now. Give me some VashxMeryl stuff to work with, man.

In other news, LT, if you're ever super bored and have nothing to do, feel free to sift through my vast supply of Meryl art, screencaps and other random stuffs I collected during the days when I didn't care about stealing art (which I regret since a lot of the stuff in there is really good and I'd like to find the orginial artists again).

There's a bunch of totally non-related stuff in there, they has to do with my old roleplay character, pay no mind. But there's also a lot of VxM stuff too, so I figured you might like checking it out.

*spends next hour and a half looking through it* How was I so good at finding this stuff? Considering I only found it through Japanese websites where I couldn't understand a word. I just clicked around and got lucky or something, I guess...
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