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Is it wrong if I find Steve from Full House incredibly attractive?

I'm finding a lot of people incredibly attractive lately. I think it's good that school's coming back... it's the land of jerks and acne. Though, even with all the gross boys, I'm sure I'll fall for someone again. I'm fickle like that.

I'm glad I have acting as my last class, though. I'll have something to look forward to all day, unlike last year, where I constantly contemplated skipping during lunch. And it can console me if the rest of my school day goes crappy by just being what it is... acting. Drama. Theatre.

The closest thing I have to a boyfriend right now is acting. What a kisser.

Mom wants to go somewhere the weekend before school starts, but we have no idea where to go. It has to be pretty close, like, from here to Seattle sort of distance. She keeps suggesting Seattle but I for some reason keep thinking of Seattle and feeling like throwing up, so that's pretty much out of the question. Also, I have no idea what we would do in Seattle. We can't go to the beach because ever since I got sand in my scalp I find the beach really repulsing.

Have any ideas of where we could go?
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