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So, two long stories short.

First, I attempted to give blood today, but it wouldn't come out fast enough, so basically they're going to throw away what I did give and I'm not going to be able to find out my blood type. Plus I'm sort of scared to go to Wilson's clinic now since the professionals at the Red Cross clinic had so much trouble finding my vein and seeing if I'm alive (apparently my pulse is pretty darn hard to find). So, once I'm allowed to give blood again, I'll drink twenty-eight glasses of water and go to the Red Cross and try over. I think my blood has magical properties and this is why it resisted going into the blood bag (also why it had exactly the lowest amount of iron they'd allow, and why I apparently had a temperature of 99.3, when I felt exactly as I normally do, which means either I have a slight cold or my blood just naturally runs hot). I think I'll try one more time, and if it doesn't work next time, then sorry world, I'm going to be depressed and not save lives or no my blood type, because it was pretty painful, that lady searching around for my veins with a large needle.

Second, I totally forgot what the second story I was going to tell was. It may have had to do with the fact that Maxwell's gone, but I don't think so. It could have had to do with Zack, but that's not much of a story as of yet (and though it might be at some point, I probably won't share it with you then, unless you've taken Felix Felicis or something). It could have had to do something with Huffle--


Gino's alive. Hello, I knew it. And what was with the slight butt shot, admins? Trying to keep up the fandom? Please, return Gino's innocence now that Johnny's split with him. And then Gino and Johnny can share a banana split.

And Johnny can attempt to teach Gino the bwahaha.

And it will be great.

One more thing, chocolate does not make me feel good, no matter what those endorphin people say. It makes me all longing and woozy and sad and huggy. And the diet snapple thing doesn't help with the longing at all. Have I mentioned that diet snapple tastes like liquid love without the perversion? Because it does. But it gets a bit tiresome, because you can't make out with an iced tea.

In other news, I'm going to go play some mario kart.

And, it's possible I'll possibly all over the possibilities.
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