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So anyways, the whole England thing most likely isn't happening. I breifly spoke to my mother about it yesterday, and she thinks it would be good if I studied acting at a college in Oregon as an undergrad, then go to a better graduate college out of state after that.

I looked online for colleges with BFAs in acting (or BFAs in theatre) and apparently there are only two colleges in Oregon that offer BFA programs -- Western Oregon and Southern Oregon. Western only offers a BFA in dance, though, so that's totally out of the question, which just leaves SOU.

BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) is better than BA (Bachelor in Arts) because it's refined to one area and shows that I have more of an interest in acting myself than in working with lighting or costumes or something stupid like that. I might be willing to get a BA and focus on both Directing and acting (since I do quite like ordering people around) but I think I might do an iffy job at directing, and I do much better at being under a director than actually being one.

So, here's what I'm (vaguely and not completely certain-ishly) thinking. I go to SOU, get a BFA in acting, somehow get in with the folks at OSF while I'm there (since, hello, Ashland?), and once I accomplish that, we've saved tons of money, so I can go to Yale Drama School and get an MFA (Masters in Fine Arts, huzzah), return to OSF, look really awesome, become a regular, impress upon generations after me, leave a mark on society, drink some really delicions soda.

Ashland's a really nice place, and the food in that cafeteria is delicious. The people seemed really nice, and their theatre has a great smell to it (you know I love the smell of theatre)! Plus Ashland gets lots of snow in the winter but also is really pretty year-round, it has some pretty nice restaurants and the Rogue Valley Mall may be super-creepy, but it's possible that I could get used to it (or just go shopping somewhere else).

I dunno, it's just a thought, nothing definite, but it seems like an okay choice considering what Mom's thinking about and what I'm thinking about. I've never really been super definite in what area of acting I want to go into, but I think theatre suits me just fine, and OSF is quite possibly the love of my life as far as organizations go (though the Green Show is always quite questionable).
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