alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Eee, I can't get over how pretty my LJ looks now! It's like the rain! Which is good! I like rain!! x3!!!!

Let's talk about why I like rain, shall we?

Well, to start off, I was born right here in Portland, at Emanuel hospital. I'm pretty sure it was raining that day. If not that day, then certainly the next. What I'm trying to say is, I'm USED to the rain. I've grown up with it. Portland's semi-famous for it. It's not that it rains here every day -- on a 'bad' year, yes, ALMOST every day -- it's more that it rains no matter what the season.

It didn't rain for almost two months. It's raining. Hasn't really stopped since, er, friday? And it's supposed to keep going.

Makes me feel giddy.

We keep the windows open (with the screens, of course), so everything smells like rain now. It's all so FRESH! And. Nice. ^^ If I ever feel bad, I can just remember that it's raining, and I'll be like "BOOYA, GRANDMA!"

I like the rain. Because it's wet. I like wet. I used to think I was a mermaid. Secretly. That was up until... Er... Third grade, when I started synchro?


So, I guess, Synchro keeps me sane. Synchro includes water. Rain is water. The rain keeps me sane?

There you go. It even rhymes.
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