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Not in any order, they just come as I found them. Also, as you said LT, these are from all aspects of the relationship.

I think I'll bold the ones I feel are especially V/M-y at the moment.

Also, seeing as how I don't really have a variety of band on my ipod because I'm poor... well... that pretty much speaks for itself.

1. Space Between -- Dave Matthews Band
2. Expo '86 -- Death Cab For Cutie
3. Transatlanticism -- Death Cab for Cutie
4. The Sound of Settling -- Death Cab for Cutie
5. A Lack of Color -- Death Cab for Cutie
6. For Me This is Heaven -- Jimmy Eat World
7. The World You Love -- Jimmy Eat World
8. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight -- The Postal Service
9. What About Everything -- Carbon Leaf
10. Breathe In -- Frou Frou
11. Where Are You Now -- Michelle Branch
12. White Shadows -- Coldplay
13. Kill -- Jimmy Eat World
14. 23 -- Jimmy Eat World
15. Polaris -- Jimmy Eat World
16. Digits -- Jimmy Eat World
17. Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday -- Metal Gear Solid 2
18. Trouble -- Coldplay
19. Your Heart is an Empty Room -- Death Cab for Cutie
20. Holding Out for a Hero -- Frou Frou
21. Strange & Beautiful -- Aqualung
22. Reflecting Light -- Sam Phillips
23. Everything's Not Lost -- Coldplay
24. Just Tonight -- Jimmy Eat World
25. Pain -- Jimmy Eat World
26. We Never Change -- Coldplay
27. Cautioners -- Jimmy Eat World
28. Yellow -- Coldplay
29. Your New Aesthetic -- Jimmy Eat World
30. Brand New Colony -- The Postal Service
31. What Is And What Should Never Be -- Led Zeppelin
32. What Would I Say To You Now -- Jimmy Eat World
33. Passenger Seat -- Death Cab for Cutie
34. Somewhere Only We Know -- Keane
35. If I Could Write -- Sam Phillips
36. Swallowed in the Sea -- Coldplay

I've spent too much time deciding which songs on shuffle in my ipod work and which don't, I've completely forgotten that wearing clothes would be good if I'm going to go to the neighborhood picnic.

Considering this whole thing was incredibly impromptu and I didn't actually have a list like LT did, I don't think it really matters.

So, uh, song love?

Music is a soundtrack. You nearly always have to have something in the background, or the movie is awkwardly silent the whole way through.
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