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PS. I like cutting things up with scissors.

Is that sane?

Because I totally just rifled through the paper recycling and cut up everything from magazines to newspapers to boxes to pamphlets to everything.


I nearly drooled. But I didn't. Because I was thirsty. And dehydrated.

I'm hot-blooded, check it and see, I've got a fever of 99.3.

PPS. I'm very vivacious. I would like to hug a nice person.
PPPS. And perhaps yell something.
PPPPS. Post scripts are idiotic.
PPPPPS. Five is evil?

In other news, I'm insecure and am wasting my large brain capacity on diet snapple and deviantart favorite.

Also, I like Josie because she drew pictures of me that were flattering.

Also, Death Cab for Cutie is a phenomenon. Not necessarily in a good way.

Also, the ants have come back.

Also, Life is weird and I am dependant on things I cannot depend on.

As well. Blond hair blue eyes black hair blue eyes black hair green eyes blond hair green eyes smile love hand on cheek tactic wipe the tear forehead kiss uncalled for profanity.

And rambling minds.

Sneezing calls for a shower and Mario Kart. I bid you a doo.
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